What’s New in Apps: March 2019

What’s New in Apps: March 2019

When it comes to apps, 86 percent of customers agree that apps for QuickBooks® Online (QBO) help them save time. Here’s the newest batch of apps that help you and your clients save time and money.

  • TrueRev – An easy and affordable way to manage all of your subscriptions.
  • Prodsmart – Manufacturing software for production management and tracking.
  • Triumph Pay – Integrated supply chain finance and payables processing.
  • Xooa – Store your QBO data on a dependable, reliable, and secure private blockchain platform.
  • Workweek – All-in-one service business management software that helps you build, fun, and grow your business.

Our developers continuously enhance their apps to help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s a noteworthy update.

Locate Inventory released many enhancements to existing features to help you manage your inventory.

  • Recurring Sales Order: Create recurring sales orders for your subscription-based company.
  • Manual Receiving: Build receipts line by line and get more flexibility during the receiving process.
  • Carrier-Driven Workflows: Customize your fulfillment process based on an order’s carrier.
  • Manufacturing: Outsource a step of your manufacturing process to a third party vendor while retaining visibility and control of your inventory.

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