What's New in Apps: October 2017

Fall is in the air - and just like farmers around the country, Intuit® is “harvesting” new apps that integrate with QuickBooks® Online (QBO). Here is a sampling of some of the new apps for your review - and to recommend to your clients:

  • Team Pay: Enables your employees to request, approve, pay for and reconcile all of their purchasing into QBO, automatically through virtual VISA cards issued in Slack.
  • integraRental: Rental software solution designed to grow your rental business and reduce errors using intuitive feature that are seamlessly integrated with QBO.
  • Streamtime: Project management software fit for the way you work.
  • Rentigo: System to help you organize your property management tasks by simplifying everything in one simple and user-friendly dashboard.
  • SMM@pp: A web-based system and mobile app built for companies helping clients with downsizing or home relocation needs.

In addition to learning about new apps, you now have the ability to help your clients manage their apps in their QBO. Encourage your clients to visit the Apps tab in their QBO or Apps.com and click on the “Newest” carousel to see other new additions ... and Happy Fall!