Why Nonprofit Accounting Professionals Need to Attend QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

Why Nonprofit Accounting Professionals Need to Attend QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017

As a nonprofit accounting professional, you more than likely have charities on your client list. Have you ever encountered an executive director who suffers from technophobia? If you have and you weren’t sure how to handle their fear of technology, we’ve got just the place for you –  QuickBooks® Connect (QBC) Toronto 2017! Bill Kennedy, owner of Energized Accounting, will be leading an accountant session just for you.

But, before we give you a glimpse into how he can help you help your clients, we urge you to register for QBC Toronto; the conference is filling up fast!

QBC Toronto, Bill Kennedy and The Resilient Charity

At QBC Toronto, we’ve geared our breakout sessions to inspire you and to grow your business. It’s an opportunity to gather with, and meet, people who think like you do, who have the same questions you do and who have the same future goals as you do.

Kennedy’s QBC Toronto session, “The Resilient Charity,” is one of these sessions, and he is well-qualified to lead it. He’s passionate about supporting small- to medium-sized Canadian charities, assisting them with their financial and fundraising needs through economical, efficient and sustainable technology. His expertise on this subject provides nonprofit accounting professionals insight into what executive directors dread: funding, making payroll, building relationships, writing reports, burnout … and technology.

“I want to talk about how the investment in technology is perceived as high risk and how implementing it with charity is different than it is for for-profit organizations,” Kennedy says. “Charities don’t work like for-profit does. While companies can come and go, charities are 30 or 40 years old. They have to move at the pace they do because they have to make sure that everybody is on board with changes. It’s a volunteer organization. When someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, they just leave!”

He has worked with charities for most of his career in one way or another, and understands that they’re slow to adopt new technology – but for good reason. He says, “Nobody applauds a charity investing in technology.”

Yet, a charity is just like a for-profit organization, in that they, too, need administration systems and infrastructure to run their organization. As Kennedy points out, “You can’t run a charity from a park bench, using WiFi from a nearby restaurant.”

For charities to embrace the needed technology, he says they can’t be rushed. “We need to move it more so that it goes at the pace of charities so they have time to build consensus, make the decision and get comfortable with the change.”

In his session, Kennedy will share his thoughts on how to slow the pace and how to teach “resiliency” in the face of many changes. When you register for QBC Toronto and attend his session, you’ll hear him talk about how charities are uncomfortable with accounting system conversions by consultants who are in and out quickly. One way to address this, according to Kennedy, is slower implementations spread out over a few weeks that allow users the time to train, ask questions and become comfortable with the new system.

Kennedy will also discuss how charities view the bookkeeper as having a split personality. Instead of just focusing on bookkeeping, the person is seen as another pair of hands to help with other needs. His advice? Move to an outsourcing bookkeeping model, particularly to a bookkeeper who works with QuickBooks Online (QBO) with apps, as QBO eliminates paperwork going back and forth, and being offsite keeps that person focused solely on bookkeeping needs.

“That’s something I want to work with people on. You really do want somebody who is up to date on the technology and can really help you make the processes more efficient. And, if that person is offsite, you can’t pull them away to do other things. You end up with a much better system that is responsive to the needs of the organization, particularly on the reporting end,” he says.

Speaking of which, reporting is one of nonprofit organizations’ biggest challenges. Kennedy will tackle this issue as well. “It’s like they [nonprofits] have a bunch of different bosses who all require a different report, whether it’s government or foundation funding. Technology is much better at adapting to that kind of requirement than having to do a separate spreadsheet for each report.”

QBC Toronto Offers Expert Advice for Nonprofit Accounting Professionals

If you’re a nonprofit accounting professional, attending QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017 may be the one place you need to be this year. Your new insight into what can help your nonprofit clients will immeasurably benefit both of you.

In addition, you can expand your knowledge on all that Intuit® has to offer you and your nonprofit clients. Kennedy is excited about this, too. “I love what Intuit is doing. I love that they opened the toolkit and said, ‘anybody who wants to … here, come in, use our tools!’ There’s this explosion of software that is quite affordable and I’m excited to be a part of this wave.”

Come be a part of the wave, too, and register today!