Why Value Pricing is a Win/Win for Accountants and Clients

Jessica and Greg Daley share why they bill based on the value they deliver, not based on an hourly rate. Their clients love the fixed cost and feel confident knowing they can call anytime without the worry of a higher monthly bill.

It's always through pain that gets us where we want to be.

My name is Greg Daley.

- And, I'm Jessica Daley, and we are the co-owners of Xcelerate Business Solutions, a cloud-based accounting firm, here in Fort Collins

- We love working with small businesses, but

- We realized we love working with the churches.

I came home one day just in tears over a client that the better I got at their job, the less I got paid, and the less they were valuing my being there.

- Every time you create an efficient system, we didn't want to lose money. And, so, we had to figure out a way to actually make it a value to them.

And, one of the keys for that, for us, was one, it's a budgeted line item, and it's never going to change.

So, once we agree on a price, we just lock it in. And, that's what you pay per month.

Another thing that was a value was they could feel like it's collaboration between us.

We want them to be successful. It's a win-win, if they grow, we grow, and not feel like if I call my accountant they're going to charge me money.

And, so, I think value pricing is a game changer.

- So, it's a huge win-win.

It's a win for the client that we turn into a budgeted item, and it's a win for us because we are rewarded for our efficiencies.