Why You Should Attend Get Connected Calgary 2018

Why You Should Attend Get Connected Calgary 2018

What does community mean to you? Here at Intuit®, we believe it means providing the support and information you, and our partner accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers, need to save time and grow your business. It also means bringing like-minded individuals together in one place at one time, with the intent of sharing knowledge, forming strong relationships and encouraging success. A perfect opportunity to experience this is at the upcoming Get Connected Calgary 2018, taking place May 28-29, 2018, at the TELUS Convention Centre. I encourage you to register right away, as you won’t want to miss out!

Tracy Lampron of Lampron Bookkeeping Services graciously shared with us the benefits she believes you and your business can receive by attending Get Connected Calgary 2018. These benefits are based on her experiences of attending  QuickBooks® Connect San Jose, QuickBooks Connect Toronto and, most recently, Get Connected Vancouver 2018. Her biggest takeaway? “The community that has been built around these events is amazing. Nobody else does this.”

Three Unique Benefits of Attending Get Connected Calgary 2018

Tracy started her bookkeeping firm in 2007. She provides her clients full-service bookkeeping from beginning to end, including taxes. She is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, as well as an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor® for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Having attended a few Intuit events, Tracy says, “Get Connected Vancouver was a great experience. I’ve done the larger conferences and there were many benefits to the smaller Get Connected Vancouver event.”

Benefit one for Tracy is the dedicated time attendees get with the Intuit staff. “It’s a more intimate event. The Intuit staff have more time to get connected with accounting professionals, learn about our businesses, what our struggles are and how they can help. It’s nice to chat with our business development managers, or take part in the prototyping.”

Tracy also believes that the Intuit staff enjoys this more personal experience, too. “I think they have more fun.”

Benefit two of registering for, and attending, Get Connected Calgary 2018 has to do with the specialized training sessions and collaboration. “The sessions are very specific to what our needs are. If you want to do ProFile and tax training, you’re able to go to this event and just focus on that. Or, maybe you’re doing your QBO certification. In Vancouver, I did the full day Quickbooks Online Advanced Payroll Session. It was a day of learning and collaborating with accountants, bookkeepers and Intuit staff. I walked away feeling heard.”

Tracy continues, “I believe Intuit was happy with the way the session turned out. They walked away with a deeper understanding of the struggles we are having, and what Intuit developers need to focus on.”

She points out that this type of collaboration is much easier at a smaller conference. She feels it’s an opportunity to spend time with people and share our strengths and weaknesses with each other. “Again, in a larger conference, it’s just a different vibe,” Tracy says.

Benefit three is the interaction attendees have with the app partners. “If I am not looking for a specific NEW app, but just want to chat with a current app partner about an issue that I have, or see what’s on the roadmap, this is a lot easier to do at a smaller event. Whereas when you’re at a conference with 5,000 people, it can be hard to get one-on-one time. As always, if I am looking to solve a client problem, I can check out the demos of the apps partners that I don’t currently use.”

Ultimately, the personalized time, specialized learning sessions with genuine collaboration and app partner interaction are the ingredients for building a successful, cloud-based practice and strong community connections.

A Few More Reasons Why You Should Attend Get Connected Calgary

As you can tell, Tracy is a proponent of attending Get Connected Calgary and has some advice for her fellow bookkeepers and accountants who commit their time and energy to providing the financial expertise their customers need. “It can be really hard to take time for our own business development. These conferences are important to go and dedicate the time – you are sure to learn how to work more efficiently and grow your business.” It’s also important, she says, to chat with your peers. She recently had the chance at one of the conferences to sit down with another bookkeeper, whom she followed and admired from their interactions via Facebook. As she came to find out, she shared similar experiences and struggles with this colleague in the industry. “It was so enlightening; this really is a community.”

Has Tracy inspired you to register? I hope so! If you’d like more information on this event, go to the Get Connected Calgary 2018 website. When you sign up, you’ll be signing up for a phenomenal day of learning, interacting and networking. I look forward to seeing you there!