QuickBooks Online features inspired by accountants: Your Feedback in Action—March 2023

QuickBooks Online features inspired by accountants: Your Feedback in Action—March 2023

We know many of you are in the throes of your busiest time of year, so we’ll keep this brief. For updates on recent improvements we’ve made to QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and QuickBooks Online Advanced see the three short summaries below. Read further if you’d like more details.

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  • QuickBooks Online Accountant: We recently added an “Apps” tab to QuickBooks Online Accountant’s “Client View,” and a “Find Apps” tab within this new view to simplify the process for accountants. Read more
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll: Soon, we’re adding a “Documents” tab under the “Employees” tab in QuickBooks Online Payroll. Employers will have a single, convenient place to upload any type of employee document. The updated system will also let you search for items, create folders, and download files. Read more
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced: We’re adding more options in Custom Report Builder that give you additional flexibility when you customize reports. Read more

QuickBooks Online Accountant

“Having access to the app center in QBO as an accountant is critical to helping us understand our client needs. Clear visibility into the third-party connections to the QBO file enhances our ability to be a trusted advisor to our clients.” – Deborah D., Accountant

QuickBooks Online Payroll

“I’m really excited about the new ability to upload documents in the new QuickBooks Online Payroll module. Specifically, when I have employment contracts or other information I need, it’s going to be really handy to have it all in a one-stop shop, instead of having to log in to my filing system and go find those documents. Having them attached right to the employee when I’m working with their payroll settings will be really handy. Thanks for doing it!” – Alicia Katz Pollock, Accountant

QuickBooks Online Advanced


Video (0:02:08): See more recent QuickBooks Online Advanced improvements

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