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Grow your business by automating data entry with AutoEntry

Jennifer Untiedt founded her accounting practice following a long and successful career working in the industry. Based in Northern Colorado, Jennifer is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor® and offers services that include bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation.

The practice adopted AutoEntry in mid 2017 to eliminate time spent on manual data entry, secure significant time and cost savings, and enable the firm to reinvest these resources into business growth.

Overcoming the challenge of manual data entry

The firm was increasingly challenged by manual data entry related to bookkeeping. As it took on more bookkeeping clients, the firm had more data to process, which was taking up too much time and attention to reconcile.

“We wanted to grow our bookkeeping services; however, we couldn’t justify the time we would need to spend on the ensuing data entry,” says Jennifer. “We quickly came to the decision that we needed to automate this function in order to expand our business while staying profitable, and this led us to AutoEntry.”

Integrating with QuickBooks Online            

Jennifer used QuickBooks® for more than 12 years in practice, and as a ProAdvisor, it was a prerequisite that the chosen data entry solution integrates with QuickBooks. After reviewing all available options, the firm adopted AutoEntry.

“A benefit of being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor means that you can access a range of informative online resources in order to stay ahead of industry trends and provide the best service possible to customers.

“AutoEntry was recommended to us within this ProAdvisor network, so we signed up for its free trial,” she says. “We were immediately impressed with how quickly and accurately it extracted the data from our paper documents into QuickBooks. We had initially considered other solutions, but we felt that AutoEntry offered the best value for money, while being more functional and so easy to use.”

“Adopting AutoEntry was undoubtedly the right choice for our practice, and with all of our bookkeeping data accurately automated into our QuickBooks account, we can focus more time engaging with our existing customers and taking on new business. We have a strong working relationship with AutoEntry, and with its very reasonable pricing, it’s a perfect fit for a firm of our size.” – Jennifer Untiedt, Founder, Jennifer L Untiedt, LLC

Saving time with automation

Before using AutoEntry, the practice was typing in data by hand from paper documents into QuickBooks. This used up time that could be spent completing other business-critical activities.

“Typing in data by hand could take up to eight hours a week, which for a small, independent practice like ours, was an enormous amount of resource. Now that we’ve automated this function with AutoEntry, we’ve incredibly reduced time spent on this process by approximately 80 percent, and this also saves us the expense of taking on another member of staff.”

Flexible data capture, including bank statements

AutoEntry can capture data from a wide range of documents, including bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts, and more. From bank or credit card statements, AutoEntry can extract data, including the account number, date, description, balance and even the check number.

“We can simply scan or email through our documents into AutoEntry, and once the solution has captured and entered our data, it creates a digital record of the image and attaches it to the transaction in QuickBooks, allowing us to easily track of our clients’ documents. We’re now uploading hundreds of documents a month onto the platform, and it’s particularly useful if we have a high volume of bank statements to process for a particular client, or when bank feeds are unavailable.”

Attentive customer support

AutoEntry ensures all new customers receive full training tailored to their individual objectives, as well as ongoing access to customer support via its in-app chat function or email.

“While AutoEntry is easy to use, we valued the thorough training we received, which ensured that we knew how to get the best results from the solution. The team has been extremely helpful and responsive whenever we have questions.”

Flexible pricing to support a growing business

AutoEntry is unique in its pricing structure, as it offers a credit-based system that only charges users for the number of documents they upload onto the system. There are no restrictive contracts, and any unused credits from one month roll onto the next, meaning users don’t pay more than they have to. Adding more client companies or employees incurs no extra charges, making AutoEntry up to 60 percent cheaper than alternative solutions, and therefore, the perfect solution for growing businesses.

A service provider to support future success

Jennifer will continue to use AutoEntry in the future, as it takes on more bookkeeping customers. It will continue to explore AutoEntry’s extensive range of features in order to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

“We’re a forward-looking service provider, and we believe that it’s critical to automate outdated and unnecessary processes, such as manual data entry, in order to spend as much time as possible with our clients,” says Jennifer. “With that in mind, we’re so pleased to have found AutoEntry and have no doubt that we will increasingly leverage the solution as we continue to grow our practice.”

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