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The future has arrived: How the cloud benefits clients and accountants

When cloud computing was introduced to the business world, there was admittedly much concern about whether cloud accounting software and the promise of automation would inevitably replace accountants entirely. 

Over the past few years, however, we’ve come to realize that a robot takeover is not in our future – nor will it ever be. 

The benefits are endless

It’s true that business owners are embracing a digital transformation – and they’re loving it. According to Microsoft, 94 percent of surveyed small businesses reported that they enjoy the security benefits of migrating to the cloud. And of those companies, 82 percent have seen reduced costs since utilizing cloud tech, while 59 percent reported significant increases in productivity by using cloud services. 

We’ve also learned that business owners aren’t the only ones who benefit from cloud tech. More specifically, accountants who moved their practices to the cloud and leverage cloud-based solutions have become more competent at delivering their services and have, therefore, increased their value to their clients. 

The shift from traditional accounting to an online environment means reinventing the way you work. You no longer limit yourself to one computer, and a USB drive isn’t the only way for you to move data. With cloud accounting, you can now access accounts from any device as long as you have an Internet connection. You’re able to make smart business decisions faster because real-time data is available to you – anytime, anywhere. 

Client experiences are enriched as you eliminate manual processes from both ends. Office visits are minimized, allowing busy entrepreneurs to choose when and where to collaborate. 

Because you can instantly review client data and streamline communications, collaboration is improved, and client relationships strengthen.

Convincing clients to convert 

So, some of your clients remain reluctant about converting to the cloud? Only a long list of benefits will make them realize the possibilities. After all, if their accountant tells them that shifting to cloud accounting means enhanced security, manageable monthly payments and improved productivity that leads to increased profits, they’re more likely to pay attention. 

As mentioned, many companies that have adopted cloud technology have no regrets. In fact, according to a cloud adoption infographic published on PC World, 43 percent of cloud-based businesses wish they had started leveraging the cloud sooner. The intangible benefits of cloud solutions overshadow the concern of price. After all, when productivity is improved, an increase in profitability inevitably follows – making the shift to the cloud a highly justifiable investment.

Ultimately, accountants and their clients want the same thing: to be more efficient and productive. You both want to work smarter and faster with your teams. 

A boost in productivity, streamlined workflows, ease-of-use and improved security – these are all things accountantsandclients enjoy when they embrace the cloud and leverage its endless power. 

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