Hiring someone new.

Hiring people you don’t know and have never met

How do you work with people you don’t even know? The answer to that is you can’t.

But, you can work with people you’ve never met in person.

Our team in comprised of individuals who work remotely within Canada. We are a lean mean bookkeeping team. It does start with getting to know who you are going to work with, but that doesn’t mean you have to meet them in the flesh. Someone ring the technology bell please! Ding-dong!

When it comes to hiring people you don’t know, and working with those people remotely, here are some tools you need as a business owner to succeed:

  1. A means to communicate, such as Zoom or Slack.
  2. Strong practice management platform, such as KarbonAero or QBO Practice Management
  3. Cloud-based accounting system and apps, such as QBOHubdoc or Plooto.

Here is how we find amazing team members and clients who have never met us in the flesh but do know us:

  1. We search social media to find talent.We are looking for individuals who adopt cloud technology. So, chances are, putting an ad in the newspaper won’t attract the team members we want. We’ll find you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 
  2. Engage. We engage on social media – this is the new water cooler. We have open-ended conversations with individuals. Some are fourth year university students, while others are bookkeepers looking to have greater work flexibility. 
  3. Ask when the timing is right.When we feel the individual is a good fit both personally and professionally, we’ll make an offer.

How we communicate

Here are the different ways we communicate:

  1. We communicate using Zoom for virtual calls, with screen sharing and an open Slack channel system.
  2. We host weekly risk management meetings on Slack to communicate. 
  3. Our practice management platform enables us to review client communications holistically.
  4. We host our standard operating procedures and video library in Smartsheet.

Here are the types of individuals who represent a best fit for remote work:

  1. Individuals with a requirement that keeps them close to the home front. For example, raising children, caring for an elderly parent or a disability.
  2. Individuals who can adapt to working from home. My suggestion is to have an office and ensure it has a door!
  3. Individuals with a strong internet connection.
  4. Individuals who are technology savvy and can recommend or adapt new technologies quickly.

Start by taking is slow. Look at your own practice and determine if it is ready to support a remote team. This is the approach we took. It starts with analyzing each task, and then determining if it is something that can be completed remotely with success. 

If I can take a desktop, paper-based practice and make it a vision of beauty in the cloud, so can you.

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