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Increase your firm’s profitability with Qvinci Solo

Qvinci Solo’s key benefits for accountants

What is Qvinci and what does Qvinci Solo do for accountants and their clients?

Qvinci has been producing award-winning financial reporting solutions since 2007 and has been an Intuit reporting partner since 2011. Qvinci is ProAdvisor® recommended and is the top-rated reporting app in the QuickBooks App Store. Withover 8,000 syncing (or inventory) business units in its ecosystem, Qvinci was founded on a simple idea: providing accountants, franchises and multi-unit SMBs with “ERP-like” features and functionality that is cost effective and easy to use.  

Qvinci originally offered three distinctly targeted products: Qvinci for AccountantsQvinci For Franchises and Qvinci for Multi-Units.  

In early 2018, Intuit asked Qvinci to develop a product for accountants using Intuit’s QBOA platform. Qvinci Solo is designed for the firm of the future using QBOA and empowers accountants with actionable data that leads to increased operational efficiencies, deeper financial insights and greater profits with features such as:

  • Automated report editing, styling, templating and publishing.
  • Business intelligence and customized KPIs.
  • A secure management portal to organize all client QBO files on one dashboard.
  • Improved visibility to client financials and metrics.
  • Automatic daily or on-demand manual syncing of QBO files.
  • Automated error detection.
  • Unlimited free users.

It’s simple and easy to use and pays for the nominal cost many times over. In a recent review of Qvinci’s groundbreaking features, William Murphy from Insightful Accountant stated, “How could you possibly not be jumping up and down screaming at the top of your lungs,’I want it, I want it now’? I think you will agree with me, it’s like nothing you have ever seen before!”

Which accountants need Qvinci Solo? Who are their clients?

Qvinci Solo was designed for the accountant representing the SMB utilizing QBO who demands more than just a “traditional accountant end product.” Qvinci Solo will enable accountants to provide their QBO clients with actionable, easy-to-understand reports and analysis on the metrics that matter most in less than three minutes per client! Using automation, Qvinci Solo facilitates an accountant’s ability to increase billing realization and reduce the cost (time) of processes client QBO files while empowering the accountant with the advanced custom reporting and business intelligence tools needed to be viewed by your clients as a trusted advisor. 

What problems does Qvinci Solo solve today for tomorrow’s accountant?

Qvinci Solo significantly reduces the unbillable “wasted time” spent processing client QBO files.

We all know that automation is the future of Accounting. Qvinci Solo automates tasks such as collecting and updating data from client QBO files, building reports, sharing data with clients and users, which dramatically reduces unbillable time. Qvinci Solo reduces the entire report editing, styling, templating and publishing tasks into a few simple steps. Also, the Qvinci Solo templates are customizable to your own styles and standards allowing them to be used for one, many or all clients with just a few clicks of a mouse. By saving you time, Qvinci Solo also allows you to add more clients without adding more staff.  

Qvinci Solo provides automated and templated client reporting and actionable Business Intelligence that today’s decision-makers demand.

Qvinci Solo provides free access to over 40 report templates (most of which are GAAP compliant) in its JumpStart Gallery used by firms of all sizes – at no additional cost – that can be used across all business types. With just three clicks, you can email a PDF or Excel report package providing clients with actionable insights and BI on the metrics that matter most. Do you have clients needing custom formulas in their reports? No problem.  

Qvinci Solo empowers the accountant to be viewed as a trusted strategic advisor – not just a commodity provider.

The accounting industry is more competitive than ever. Since Qvinci Solo empowers accountants with a cost-effective means of providing actionable reporting, you can now deliver enhanced optics on the metrics that matter most to your clients while landing new clients by offering them new services they are not accustomed to receiving.  

How can Qvinci Solo help accountants with value or set price billing?

Qvinci Solo reduces costs and the time it takes to complete the tasks necessary to service your clients. In a Firm of the Future article titled “How to Kill the Billable Hour” written by Michael Palmer, pricing expert Ron Baker opines that accountants should aim to “kill the billable hour and the timesheet.” If value or set price billing is your goal, Qvinci Solo is the pathway.  

Validate Qvinci Solo with numbers and facts and compare your current manual cost structure with Qvinci Solo (see Qvinci Solo’s ROI Calculator).

How does Qvinci Solo make the accountant’s (and their clients’) life better? 

Qvinci Solo’s transformative solution empowers accountants with state-of-the-art tools to increase profits, promote staff collaboration and workflow efficiencies, as well as attract new clients. 

Think how productive your day will be with:   

  • Automated and customizable report generation for all clients.
  • No calling the clients to get the new login credentials.
  • No need to manage multiple QBO logins and file passwords just to generate reports.
  • No longer manually exporting from QuickBooks and importing to Excel to build custom reporting packages with your standard format.
  • No longer logging in and out of client files just to get basic financial reports.
  • Access to their data no matter what happens to the firm’s computers or servers.

What would an accountant’s practice be like tomorrow without Qvinci Solo?

It’s all about automation and enhanced services! For those accountants and their firms not using Qvinci Solo, “old school” manual processes and services will be the norm, profitability will continue to decrease and client attrition will inevitability increase. Firms that do not deploy technological advances like the ones offered by Qvinci Solo will be easy prey for the competition.  

What are respected peers saying about Qvinci? 

Don’t take our word for it; take a look below at what your peer, Bob Volpe with Volpe Consulting and Accounting Services, says about Qvinci’s impact on his practice.

“Qvinci’s enhanced analytics helped us land those clients and offer them services they weren’t getting before. As a consultant, I love Qvinci for the analysis. Our accounting team loves it for the automated reporting and data consolidation. Our clients love it for the added services and the secure online access to their data.”

Bob, why did you decide to partner with Qvinci?

Qvinci solves one of the biggest challenges facing accountants and business consultants today – how to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated clients who desire actionable financial insights. We have several new clients who left their old accountants simply because they weren’t keeping up with technology.

How is Qvinci helping your business?

Thanks to Qvinci, we are expanding the consulting side of the business. It’s a very powerful tool because it helps clients with the speed and accuracy of their reporting while providing them better analysis and business intelligence. 

On a scale of 1-10, how valuable is Qvinci to your firm?

There’s no question about it – it’s a 10.

Editor’s note:Check out this Qvinci Fact Sheet and Checklist.

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