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14 tips for proper etiquette on Facebook

We all know the feeling we get when we see a nasty comment or negative post. Be careful not to be "that guy." When I started using Facebook, I fumbled a few times. I learned by trial and error. I began to become aware of posts that completely made my day. These inspirational posts would give me a burst of energy. I also noticed people sharing negative posts or mean comments. The posts would derail my day and shake up feelings of anger. I had to learn how to protect myself and focus on the positive to have a better experience on Facebook. That is why I only share only positive posts.

Here are my tips for proper etiquette on Facebook:

Your reputation is on the line

Think about how you want to be perceived by strangers. Sharing some of your real life is ok. It helps people relate to you. Be careful to steer clear of emotionally charged topics, such as religion and politics. Facebook isn’t the place where you are going to change someone’s mind. Your Facebook friends are from all walks of life, and you will ultimately offend someone by clearly choosing sides in your Facebook posts.

Be nice!

Most importantly, always be nice. It sounds easy, but it is often forgotten. You know how your mom taught you to be nice to your sibling(s)? Continue the same level of respect towards others. We all have bad days, but resist the urge to post a RANT. Just stay off Facebook!

As you respond to a post, watch your tone, as the written word can be taken in a way that was not meant harsh. Think of your words as a text. Texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what other people mean.

Are You Always Selling? Stop!

Today, it seems like every other person has joined a new team and is selling. How do you feel when you see a post pushing a product that you don’t want or need? Posting like this may annoy your Facebook friends. 

Be Helpful and Collaborative

When someone asks a question, do not answer with "sending you a PM." Think of this as whispering in front of someone. Often, several people are monitoring the post, waiting for the answer.

Engaging in Posts

Engage in your friends’ posts, especially close friends! It only takes a second to click "like." Mutual friends will see your comments. If you skip over your friends’ posts, it will be noticed.

Limit Your Posts

Sharing and posting several things, one right after the other, can be very annoying. Spread out your posts and keeping to once a day is even better.

Ups and Downs of Life

It is ok to share things that happen in your real life. Your friends will respond and lift you up. However, keep in mind it is best to limit one post. Your facebook friends will notice if you keep posting about it. Facebook is not the place to do this.

Photo Albums

Facebook is a great place to post photos like a scrapbook. Take the time to edit your photos, and tell the story as you create your album. Keep in mind: don’t be a teenager and only post pictures of yourself; instead, tell a story.


One area that adults need to take a lesson from teens is on taking a selfie. They have it figured out. It’s all in the angle. Do not take a photo from below your chin! You will see every wrinkle, chin hair and fat roll. Try moving your arm up at an angle that’s more flattering.

Invitation or Exclusion

Don’t be that middle schooler who uses Facebook to brag about being invited somewhere at the expense of those friends who weren’t. It makes your heart sink to learn that your friends got together without you. Be sure to be considerate when you post on Facebook.

Facebook Live

Don’t do it! There is nothing worse than scrolling through your feed, and suddenly you accidentally click on someone’s Facebook LIVE, and they can see you. What are they doing? Sometimes, it’s personal, and sometimes, it’s business. This leads to confusion.


How many times do you share recipes thinking they will save to your wall so that you can find them later? Hunting down recipes on your facebook wall is painful. Instead, create a Pinterest account and save them there. It is a much more organized way to retrieve them.

Missing Person or Pets

Take the time to make sure the person or pet is still MISSING! Keep your audience updated. These posts make people very anxious, and they want a happy ending!

Have Fun and Share With Others

If you have a Facebook account, these areas are worth considering. Understand that friends, family, customers, prospects, employers, schools and others are reading your posts and comments. The way you use Facebook can help or hurt your reputation. Just have fun on Facebook posting positive and encouraging things, which will help others have a better day. Also, be real when you do need support. No matter what happens in your life, if you are kind to people, it reflects positively on you.

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