A logo for a firm.

What you need to know to create a logo for your practice

It may seem rather trivial at first, but investing in a well-designed logo is one of the first steps to building an effective accounting or bookkeeping practice. When there is nothing else, your logo is the face of your firm and can act as an ambassador to potential clients. 

It is imperative to create a logo that demonstrates a balance between a bright, flashy design that make your firm seem desperate for attention, and something so overtly business-oriented that your practice is overlooked. You’re putting in the time and money to build your image – why not do it properly?

The accounting and bookkeeping profession is built on professionalism and your logo should convey this. Clients aren’t going to trust you to handle their finances if your company image doesn’t communicate the right message. It’s also important to keep in mind that this image will likely be posted somewhere on all of your practice’s materials, so the design must be able to be transferred easily onto things such as your website, social media, business cards and company newsletters. 

According to Zillion Designs, when creating a logo, remember that the design essentially boils down to three facets: font, color and style.

Font. If there’s one area you should always default to playing it safe, it’s choosing a font style. There are some ridiculous options out there that you will definitely want to steer clear of. If possible, have a graphic designer look into industry standards; it’s common for accountant brands to use “True Type” fonts – Adobe, Microsoft and Myriad, for example. Sticking to a more basic font ensures that your logo will be easily legible and, in turn, more memorable. 

Color. This will translate into the overall theme of your image, so it’s best to choose carefully. Have you ever read about how fast food chains are drawn to bright reds and yellows because those colors are said to evoke feelings of arousal such as hunger? This goes for other businesses, too. Many firms working in accounting, bookkeeping and tax are drawn to the color blue when designing their logos because it embodies feelings of calmness and stability – an important vibe to have surrounding a practice that deals with handling clients’ money, a point of major stress for so many people.

Style. The overarching theme, the style of your logo needs to properly combine the other two aspects of your design for a complete image. This will be how you appear to potential clients and competitors, so it has to be spot-on. The best logos incorporate their company’s ideals somewhere in the design. Efficiency is a good example of an ideal that you would want your firm’s image to convey to the rest of the market. Accounting and bookkeeping are no-nonsense trades, so your logo design should be formatted in such a way that expresses professionalism.

Kathy Coffman, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor® and founder of Coffman BizSolutions Inc., further reiterated the importance of these three focal points in an interview regarding the recent construction of her new logo saying that, “Before you do anything, you have to know what your mission is as a company because your logo represents your values and the overall image you want to convey.” 

She started the process of creating a new logo by doing research online and working with 99designs to gain some more general insight. She then hired a designer to help her put the finishing touches on her new logo, putting emphasis on the company tag line: “Know your biz. Grow your biz.” 

Coffman stressed the importance of this tagline, saying, “You can’t grow your business if you don’t truly know your business.” This also relates back to how she chose the color scheme and style of her logo, using shades of blues and greens to underscore the notion of business growth. Since her business is a part of the accounting and bookkeeping industry, the color scheme pairing nicely with the QuickBooks logos was an added bonus.

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