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How the RMG Group couples Veem and QuickBooks Online Pro for efficient global payments

Accurate and efficient accounting is one of the most important and challenging parts of running a small business. It can be the difference between sinking and swimming in oceans of accounts payable, receivable, contractor payments and everything in between.

The team at The RMG Group is well aware of these challenges and provides comprehensive internal accounting services catered to small business needs. Chara McGill, president and founder, is absolutely in love with QuickBooks®.

“Asking us, ‘why QuickBooks?,’ is like asking why we chose to be born,” she said. “It’s a very existential question that I’m not sure I can answer. It’s just always been there for us. We love it.”

Many of The RMG Group’s small business clients weren’t too keen on moving their accounts online. So, while the team loved QuickBooks, the online part came a little later.

“We now work on both platforms,” said McGill. “But, initially, we were a bit skeptical of moving online. But, of course, because of the development of applications like Veem that interface with online and not so much with desktop, we’ve kind of pushed ourselves into the online space.”

The team came to see that they could gain a lot of efficiencies and conveniences from making the move to online, particularly in terms of expensive, slow and stubborn international payments.

Global made easy With Veem and QuickBooks

Wire transfers had always been a sticking point for McGill and her team.

“Our clients were spending a whole lot of money on international transfers,” said McGill. “We were kind of passively looking for an alternative, but hadn’t found anything worthwhile.”

McGill happened to attend an accounting conference a couple of years ago and stumbled upon Veem.

“When I got back to the office, I started checking in with each of our account managers,” she said. “If they had accounts that did a ton of wires or international transfers, we reached out to the clients and gave it a shot. From there, it really just took off.”

As more clients came on board, Veem became a staple in The RMG Group’s service offerings.

Though savings on fees and transfer times was a great initial offering, where Veem really made a difference for The RMG Group was in tandem with QuickBooks. The integration was announced and The RMG Group made moves.

They’re great separately. But, together, they were dynamite.

“It just makes everything so much easier,” said Kali Khaiat, senior staff associate and accounting technologist at The RMG Group. “For example, the ability to create a bill in the course of sending a payment is amazing. Not only are we able to see payments go out in Veem, but we also get a bill in QuickBooks that gives us a clearer picture of payables pending on the account. The fact that this is done simultaneously as the payment is sent is remarkably useful.”

But, there’s more to it than payments and bill creation.

“The support team at Veem is just incredible,” said McGill. “They’ve worked with us through so many issues, and even connected with the team at QuickBooks and Intuit® to make sure the problem is solved on both sides. It’s a powerful integration and an equally powerful partnership they have there.”

Moving forward

Since implementing QuickBooks’ Veem integration for their clients, the team at The RMG Group has continued not only saving money for their clients, but also time for themselves.

“It’s just more holistic, and therefore, more streamlined,” said McGill. “We’re not jumping between platforms to get wires sent or international transfers moved anymore. These were real sticking points for us before Veem, and we’re very happy with its progress.”

A seamless, fully integrated experience is what accounting firms like The RMG Group need to do their best work. The teams at Veem and QuickBooks are constantly working to perfect their platforms’ relationship to create just that: simple, streamlined and connected.

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