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QuickBooks Online new features and improvements—April 2023

We have just a few items to share in this update, so as not to distract from your work this month—which may very well be your busiest. April also happens to be Stress Awareness Month, so best wishes for those of you finishing out your fiscal year.

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What's new in April

Set automatic deductions and contributions based on hours worked in QuickBooks Payroll

A new partnership between Shopify POS and QuickBooks Desktop

Intuit developer growth program expands pilot

Make comparison charts in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Set automatic deductions and contributions for employees based on hours worked in QuickBooks Payroll

In a nutshell: With every payroll run, QuickBooks Payroll can automatically calculate a payroll deduction or contribution for employees based on their hours worked.

Rather than making tedious, error-prone manual calculations to figure deductions (like union dues) and contributions, you can calculate them automatically for employees paid hourly, or on salary, commission, overtime, or double overtime.

Here’s how it works: In the employee profile, employers can set up and assign a deduction or contribution to be calculated as “Per hour worked.” Then, those deductions and contributions will be calculated automatically in Run Payroll.

A new partnership between Shopify POS and QuickBooks Desktop

In a nutshell: On Oct. 3, 2023, QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale will be discontinued and there will be no future versions. Your clients who use this system may be concerned about how to continue managing their retail store. We’re happy to share that Intuit has teamed up with Shopify, our preferred POS provider, to offer a Point of Sale option that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop.

Shopify POS includes remote access, enhanced reporting, a modern user interface, and multi-channel selling. And, to help your clients migrate and get up and running with this new system, Shopify will provide a free migration tool, as well as premium, guided onboarding, and free 24/7 support.

Plus, clients using QuickBooks Point of Sale who migrate to Shopify will get 50% off POS software and select hardware with Shopify Payments, plus a free tap & chip card reader and free e-commerce.

As a Shopify POS merchant, they’ll also enjoy:

  • Unlimited registers per location.
  • Local pickup and local delivery.
  • The ability to redeem gift cards online and in store.
  • Integrated customer order history.
  • Social media selling.
  • In-store return or exchange of online purchases

Learn more

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Intuit developer growth program expands pilot

In a nutshell: We launched a developer growth pilot program last fall designed to help app developers succeed with millions of small businesses around the world running on the QuickBooks platform. The pilot is a 9-month initiative in which each participating developer works hand-in-hand with Intuit to identify and test growth opportunities designed to maximize their marketing impact, help them connect with more customers, and increase their app revenue. In March, we added three new developers to our pilot cohort.

Meet our new cohort of app developers:

What’s next: Throughout March and April, our cohort has been engaged with Intuit solution architects and go-to-market managers, as well as experts from our accountant community. The app developers will take in feedback and iterate to deliver a great user experience for QuickBooks customers. We look forward to our next milestones of engaging with Intuit UX experts and providing our app developers with valuable app insights. These insights will include monthly reports with analyses of app performance within the QuickBooks ecosystem and marketplace.

For more information about our pilot, our current cohort, and our accountant experts, check out our latest post.

Make comparison charts in QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: If you or your clients use QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can now build clear, high-quality charts that compare data sets with no need for separate programs or tedious manual steps.

With the newly upgraded chart view data visualization tool, you and your clients can now create 3 distinct types of comparison charts in the custom report builder:

  • Vertical bar charts
  • Trend line charts
  • Stacked bar charts

Comparison charts can help you and your clients better understand what drives their business by helping you spot trends or discrepancies early among customers, products, locations, or whatever aspects of their company you find most important to measure.

For example, you may want to build a chart that compares a client’s sales from Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. Or compare invoicing among their customers to better understand which ones drive more revenue. In fact, you can use and compare up to 27 data fields in your comparison charts. Learn more

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