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Introducing: Trada by QuickBooks

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QuickBooks® introduces Trada by QuickBooks, a new marketplace for small businesses that sell wholesale goods to grow and find new buyers. Building on QuickBooks’ commitment to help product-based businesses thrive, Trada by QuickBooks connects independent retailers with amazing brands and wholesale sellers in the United States and Australia.

Your clients will want to know more about Trada by QuickBooks—and the benefits to the retail and seller communities. The retail community receives the benefits of a curated marketplace: free membership, one-stop shopping, buyer protection, and a large selection of unique products at wholesale prices. Similarly, the seller community’s benefits include free membership, a unique storefront, vetted buyers, and wholesale data to help manage their business. And for small businesses that use QuickBooks Online, they can easily access and sign up for Trada by QuickBooks with their QuickBooks single sign-on credentials.

Trada by QuickBooks also provides free shipping for retailers and zero commissions for sellers, through the end of 2022, to celebrate the launch of the new marketplace platform. As always, friendly support agents help sellers and buyers with shipment tracking, order payment, invoice generation, payment collection, and more.

Why Trada by QuickBooks?

As part of the QuickBooks platform, Trada by QuickBooks is visible to more small business product sellers who want to grow their customers and transform their digital journey to automate order placements, as well as retailers looking for wholesale partners.

Having more sellers on the marketplace provides retailers with access to a larger selection of unique, quality products. Trada by QuickBooks makes it easier for independent brands to increase their exposure, while also providing retailers with more opportunities to find and secure their next bestseller.

For retailers

Access to a variety of unique, curated brands provides retailers with the opportunity to hand-select products that will appeal most to their customers. Retailers can use selection criteria, such as handmade and/or eco-friendly, evaluate costs to understand potential profit margins, and easily place their orders with sellers.

Trada by QuickBooks provides sellers with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products with a beautiful storefront, accessible to thousands of retailers looking to find bespoke gifts and items for their customers.

Once on the platform, Trada by QuickBooks helps get sellers’ storefronts in front of retailers through recommendations based on criteria selected and promotional activations. Once an order is received, they simply confirm, fulfill, and ship it off to the retailer.

QuickBooks powers commerce for small businesses

Trada by QuickBooks is the latest offering from QuickBooks, designed to help small businesses navigate the complexities of selling online and finding customers. Building on the successful QuickBooks Commerce integration within QuickBooks, small businesses can easily attract and sell to new customers across multiple channels and grow their businesses.

“We know that product-based businesses face challenges and opportunities in discovering customers and growing their businesses,” said Shilpa Reddy, vice president, QuickBooks Commerce at Intuit®. “Trada by QuickBooks simplifies the customer and product discovery experience for retailers and wholesale sellers. It also automates order placement and provides rich business insights for growth.”

Help your clients get ready for increased exposure to retailers, reaching more customers, and finding new and innovative products to grow your business. Have them check out Trada by QuickBooks here.

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