The 2-Minute
Marketing Plan Machine

Creating a content marketing strategy is no easy feat; sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started. We've taken that first—and most difficult—step for you by generating a custom marketing plan for your firm; the plan is based on your answers to the following questions, which should take less than 2 minutes to complete.


How much time per week do you currently dedicate to online marketing efforts?

1-4 hours
5+ hours

* This could include blogging, posting content to social media on behalf of your business, writing email newsletters, or creating/tracking ads online.

How much time per week do you think you could spend on online marketing efforts?

1-2 hours
3-4 hours
5+ hours

How would you rate your level of marketing on each social media platform?

(”Not very active” means you don’t have a business page set up for your firm on the particular social media channel; “very active” means you use the social media platform daily to market your firm).


How often do you post to social media on behalf of your firm or practice?

0-4 times per month
5-9 times per month
10+ times per month

When you post to social media, what do you share?

Content that was previously published by someone else (re-sharing or re-posting)
My own content that I write, such as blog posts and articles
A combination of the above
I haven't shared anything yet

How large is your firm?

I'm a sole practitioner
2-5 people
6-20 people
21+ people

Which best describes your role?

Tax pro
Accountant advisor
Firm owner or manager

Based on your results, we recommend:

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