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3 ways to help your clients grow with a CRM tool

Small business owners are busy, and sometimes have to make concessions in order to save time. That might mean jotting down important numbers on a sticky note, a piece of junk mail, or in a spreadsheet, but what happens if they can’t find the note or it’s gone in the trash? That’s an accountant’s worst nightmare and the moment when you know your clients need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

A CRM tool helps companies manage the full lifecycle of every customer relationship. Not only that, a CRM also stores all of a business’s customer information in one place. Sounds appealing, right? Here are three more ways CRM can help your small business clients succeed.

1. A CRM creates a single source of truth

As an accountant, you know every business is overflowing with data. If a client has multiple systems, plus info here and there in all sorts of places, how do you know which numbers are accurate and usable? Differing versions of a business’s truth leads to confusion and inaccuracies. Where does that leave you?

CRM gives your clients a single source of truth by integrating with other systems, bringing all of their data together, reconciling any inconsistencies, and creating one consolidated view. Storing all customer information in a CRM system gives everyone access to the same data. You’ll have the accounting numbers you need, plus sales can see which leads to follow up on, marketing can nurture the right prospects, and customer service can easily locate the various touchpoints each customer has had with the company.

2. A CRM automates business processes

At its core, a CRM tool helps customers organize their contacts and store data – yet, it can do so much more. Think about all the simple things we do daily, such as routing forms for approval, sharing contracts, pulling data, and sending reports. These tasks, so vital to a business, take up valuable time that could be spent on value-add activities.

CRM tools have built-in intelligence that automates administrative tasks such as data entry and lead routing. That means your clients can focus on higher-impact activities, including cultivating leads, closing deals, serving customers, and seeking feedback.

3. A CRM helps cultivate client relationships

We all know it’s important to be diligent about customer relationships. They’re what keeps any business going! A CRM system can help you nurture prospects, build stronger client relationships, and identify those that need extra care.

A CRM tool can categorize leads, allowing sales to prioritize the opportunities most likely to close. Then, they can spend the requisite time with the more valuable prospects to increase overall productivity. Once those leads become customers, you can use a CRM to deliver standout customer service. Connecting your company’s social media accounts and support email to your CRM lets you respond quickly to customer inquiries across channels – without having to toggle between various apps and systems.

What to look for in a CRM tool

When your clients are organized and aligned, your job becomes that much easier. Let them know the right CRM tool can serve their needs now, as well as well into the future. They’ll just need to look for a tool that offers easy setup, comes with plenty of support for implementation, and grows along with them. Other things to look for:

  • Scalability, so they can easily add users and functionality as they grow.
  • Mobile access, so the team can do business from a smartphone.
  • Cloud technology, which offers flexibility, security, and full accessibility.

Salesforce Essentials offers all of the above and more, in a complete CRM platform designed specifically for small businesses. As QuickBooks® customers, your clients will get 25% off an annual subscription of Salesforce Essentials.

Salesforce helps you find more customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. Learn more about our small business CRM solutions by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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