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Running a business

Orchatect unifies business operations for autism therapy centers

QuickBooks Solution Provider Success Story

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Delivering on the vision

Customer challenge: Nichole Daher, mom of a daughter with autism, had no experience running a business when she founded Success on the Spectrum, a behavioral learning center for children with autism. Nichole found the demand was so great that she started building a national franchise, mostly owned and run by other parents like her. Their strength isn’t in business; it’s in improving the lives of kids on the autism spectrum.

Orchatect + QuickBooks equipped Success on the Spectrum with the business tools needed to support growth across multiple locations and geographies. Orchatect’s Maestro® platform enabled Nichole to use data strategically to optimize results. With QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, and QuickBooks Time, Nichole had an integrated financial and workforce management system. By automating manual tasks. and making it easier to track time and handle geography-specific HR/payroll needs, Nichole felt more confident opening new locations. Together, these tools supported Daher’s mission: helping children on the spectrum to thrive.

"Our specialty is helping multi-location businesses operate as one. By integrating systems and simplifying workflows, we give our customers one clear view so they can efficiently orchestrate their entire business." — Monty Miller, Orchatect

Orchatect’s approach, in co-founder Monty’s words:

We empathize with our customers. The Orchatect team sat down with Nichole, and she shared the tremendous amount of manual, administrative work she was managing every day.

It’s all about business efficiency. Nichole was already using QuickBooks, so we combined its power with our Maestro platform to deliver a full, seamless view of business ops across franchises.

It took a lot of effort to integrate their data and systems, but as Nichole adds locations, it's much easier for each franchisee to hit the ground running.

We continually refine the processes to improve on time, cost, deployment—and the experience for Nichole and her franchisees.

"You don’t have to be an accountant to use QuickBooks. Reports are easy for our franchisees to understand ‘what am I spending, how much am I making, what are the trends?’ It’s so important that a lay person can get actionable information. And what Orchatect has done is to take that data even further so that franchisees and I can clearly see the financial health of their business." - Nicole Daher, Success on the Spectrum

Scaling for growth

As Success on the Spectrum started to grow from one center to many, Nichole knew that manual processes and spreadsheets wouldn’t fly. Franchisees accidentally deleted formulas, numbers didn't reconcile, and Nichole was spending her time being the fixer. She hired a local software company to build a system to her specs, but ended up with nothing usable.

Fortunately, she met Monty and the Orchatect team at a franchise show. When they talked over coffee a few months later, they spoke the same language. Both companies are passionate about what they do and know that wasting time on inefficient processes leaves no time to run or grow a business.

Nichole needed to make business operations foolproof for her franchisees—even though they aren’t trained businesspeople.

With Orchatect’s Maestro solution, each location now uses the same system and processes, and can get more done with less effort. The solution enabled Nichole to go from six logins to just one, integrating QuickBooks, franchising software, medical record keeping, and data collection to track the kids’ progress. Each franchisee can see their own financial reports, and Nichole can see the big picture.

And it’s just the beginning

Success on the Spectrum has 22 open locations, with 15 more coming soon. Combined, they made $7 million in 2021. In 2022 they served more 200 children and created over 300 jobs.

“By making operations easy and accessible, a regular mom or dad can be a powerful business owner and that’s what we want for our franchisees,” said Nicole.

“We’re excited to be able to deliver the tools to make her life better and help her expand her vision,” Monty says. “As she grows her locations, it’s going to be easier for each one to focus on the kids they serve rather than on repetitive business tasks.”

"I’m happy that everything is in one place. Everything is organized, everything is efficient, everything is on track. I’ve never owned a business or run a franchise before. I’m a little fish in a big pond. Orchatect and QuickBooks are helping us swim." - Nicole Deher

About the QuickBooks Solution Provider

Orchatect specializes in helping companies with multiple locations unify business operations. Its Maestro platform gives business owners, managers, and employees a complete, integrated view of their business operations such as financials, payroll, timekeeping, and more.

At a Glance

QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP): Orchatect

QSP specializations: Multi-location business management

QSP applied expertise: Consulting | Application development | Data migration |Implementation

Customer: Success on the Spectrum

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Mental health-national autism treatment franchise

Solution: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Time

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