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The remote worker’s guide to the galaxy in 2023, Part 5: Culture

This is often the “fun” part of the conversation. If you are a remote “solopreneur,” you might not think much about culture, but maybe you should?

For example, I read articles about people who are documenting all of the countries and cities they are working from because they are taking the concept of working remotely, and all of the benefits that this provides, to an extreme.

That’s culture.

If you do work with a team and everyone is remote, you once again might not think much about culture. But shouldn’t you?

So, you don’t have cafes on the premises (because there are no premises), ping pong tables, futons, or any of the other things we often envision when we think about culture.

Time to get creative.

Recently, I moved Nerd HQ from Slack to Discord. We have a general channel where we start each day sharing some GIFs and messages, wishing each other a happy day. For a remote business, that is culture!

I encourage this. It doesn’t have to be about work all the time. Make it fun! Find interesting articles online and post them for discussion. Find out what your coworkers are into for fun and what their hobbies are. Talk about that stuff. Get to know the “real people” behind the ones you “work with.”

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