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Working remotely: Where do you work?

There’s always time to work at the office, but finding your own special headspace can be just as productive. Check out some of the places these Firm of the Future authors enjoy when they work remotely.

Susan Tinel, EA – April 15 Taxes Inc.

“One of my favorite places to work remotely is at a local bayside resort. I go there when I need to charge my car, enjoy a coffee on their terrace on the bay and open up my laptop in front of my beautiful live-picture window.”

Loren Fogelman – Business Success Solutions

“Since my business is location independent, I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world or work with clients from anywhere in the world without interrupting my business. Technology, basically my cell phone, laptop and Zoom, allows me to continue business while on the go.”

Brandy Derrick – Legal Ease Bookkeeping, LLC

“I have worked from my sailboat in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and the Dominican Republic. Nothing beats working on a clean up job then sitting on the beach with an ocean view.”

Richard Roppa – Quasar Cowboy Consulting

“I know it sounds boring, but it is anything but boring in my own home office. In addition to my favorite desk chair and properly set Zoom lighting, I have the most amazing view of Mount San Jacinto just a quarter of a mile away.”

Stacy Kildal – Kildal Services

“One of my favorite places to work is the local library. It backs up to a wooded area on the edge of a small lake, and there’s a section of the building I always choose to sit that gives me the illusion that I’m sitting up in a tree fort.”

Omar Visram – Enkel Backoffice Solutions Inc.

“I love taking an extra day off in the summer to work from the family cabin. It doesn’t get much better than sitting by the lake working. Some people say I should just go there to unwind, but I find it super productive to be able to work in short, efficient bursts and then jump into the lake when it feels right!”

Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA – Lance CPA Group

“I work remotely in The Garage. No, not the garage of my house but at Northwestern University’s The Garage Startup Incubator and Co-working space. It’s called The Garage because the space is literally inside a parking garage!”

Liza Farr, CPA  Farr Communications

“I’ve worked in the car while my husband drives, airplanes, airports and hotels.”

Chris Wise – QBox by Coral Tree

“When we started the company and all worked from home, my initial office was a downstairs closet affectionately named ‘the dungeon’ by my family.”

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Tammatha Denyes, CPB – Quinte Business Accounting, Inc.

“My favorite place to work remotely is on the golf course. I can satisfy my customers queries and not hold up the game!”

Tanya Hilts, CPB – CPB Canada

“I have worked on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Now, ideally, I would be on vacation and not working, but at the time, this was the only way I could manage a vacation … not a bad trade off in my opinion.”

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Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE – Powerful Accounting, LLC and Anderson, Brolin, & Coba CPAs, LLC

“At Powerful Accounting, we are always ready to work wherever our lives take us … our mobility allows us to live our lives while serving our clients quickly and efficiently.”

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Carla Caldwell – Caldwell Consulting & Training, LLC

“Tacking on a couple days of fun to a business trip used to be a dream, as I couldn’t answer client questions, because I couldn’t access their books. Now, I can sit by the pool or beach in Miami and get work done in the morning, and then enjoy the afternoon with a friend.”

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