Opening your own accounting practice can be an incredibly rewarding experience, with an impressive side of perks.  Firm of the Future will share examples, tips and tales from your peers doing, or considering doing this.

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How I Started My Accounting Practice

Most small business owners, like myself, start a business because they have found something they were good at and enjoyed doing. Learn what is involved in setting up an actual business.

7 Steps for Starting New Clients

There is new, powerful evidence that the customer is shifting and that customer experience is driving buying decisions. Learn how accountants can begin to focus on creating a great client experience.

Best Practices for Onboarding Accounting Clients

Jay's goal is to deliver amazing value to select clients rather than OK value to a large number of clients. Jay shares his process on qualifying clients to make sure he can deliver amazing value, with the ultimate goal of being able to interview and select clients, rather than clients interviewing them.

Organizational Design of Modern Practices

Are you a horizontal, vertical, or hybrid accounting organization? Learn what they mean, which one your practice represents and the pros and cons of each. Find out which is ideal for a firm of your size and specialty.

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