December 2017 Virtual Conference: Preparing for Tax Season

Intuit® is excited to offer the December Virtual Conference, Preparing for Tax Season. This free virtual experience, conducted in Intuit’s high tech virtual conference environment, provides you with practical advice to effectively wrap 2017 and have a successful tax season.

Time & Date

Dec. 13, 2017 10:30 am - 6:45 pm, ET

CPE Credits

Yes - depending on sessions attended

NEW 2017 QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Prep Training

This 4-hour webinar will cover all 12 training modules of content to prepare attendees for the new 2017 QuickBooks Online Certification Exam's 5 sections. It is repeated multiple times on the QuickBooks Accountant University schedule.

Time & Date

various 11am - 3pm CST

CPE Credits


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In-Person Training

Introduction to QuickBooks Online for Accountants

Discover the benefits of cloud accounting and how QuickBooks® Online Accountant can improve your practice efficiency and help grow your firm at this free event.

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QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Prep Training

Grow your QuickBooks® confidence to better serve clients and prepare for QuickBooks Online Certification at this free event.

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QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification Exam Prep Training

Gain the ultimate QuickBooks® knowledge to be a trusted advisor for clients with complex business needs while preparing for the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification exam at this free event.

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Certification Opportunities

Get QuickBooks Certified

Distinguish your practice with the award-winning certification program designed to take your QuickBooks expertise to the next level and unlock great ProAdvisor benefits. With on-demand webinars, self-paced tutorials, and over 125 free live training events, you can get ready for the QuickBooks Online certification exam on your own schedule.

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