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RedTeam: Construction accounting for QuickBooks Online

RedTeam was built from need. Previously, I was a commercial general contractor who was looking for ways to better manage my business day to day. After reviewing and trying many kinds of software, I decided to build a custom solution for my team. After several years of using it internally, other companies inquired about the platform and RedTeam Software was born. By 2012, the company started its go-to-market strategy and grew from 16 companies to 450 in 2018.

Functionality and main features

RedTeam offers a complete project management, document control and construction financials platform. Because RedTeam is hosted in the cloud, information is available from anywhere, and also includes a complete mobile application. In RedTeam, commercial contractors are able to manage their entire business including business development, bid solicitation, contracting, construction and field operations. RedTeam users have complete visibility over all projects and benefit from real-time access and information for their teams. Because RedTeam has complete project information, users are able to produce comprehensive financial reports, including real time work in progress schedules. When combined with QuickBooks® Online, RedTeam provides a complete solution for construction accounting.

What sets us apart

RedTeam is built around contracts, connecting the work done with the dollars owed and earned. The platform stands out with its ease of use and comprehensive financial control, combined with robust field management tools. We offer the best value in the project management realm for commercial general contractors built from our own construction experience.

Customer feedback

Our clients are in constant contact with our team and frequently share their ideas for improvement of the system. Our enthusiastic and engaged community of users helps us prioritize features for our future product roadmap.

Working with QuickBooks

Intuit® has been a game changer for RedTeam. The integration between RedTeam and QuickBooks Online effectively delivers a complete “ERP” for our commercial contractor clients. The team at Intuit has been great to work with and the result of this integration is opening the path for a modern, robust and affordable platform for small- and medium- size (“SMB”) contractors to manage all aspects of their business. What is most exciting is to see Intuit investing in the partnership we have built, and the time they are taking to understand how RedTeam serves its users.

We appreciate Intuit’s forward-thinking strategy focused on delivering a great cloud-based accounting solutions for a variety of industries. Intuit’s clear direction improves the value of having a long-term partnership, so we can continue to expand the integration and find ways to better serve our shared clients.

Who we cater to

Our clients are commercial general contractors looking to streamline their internal workflows and gain control over the entire project management.

Way forward

We believe the SMB space for commercial contractors is underserved. Many tools designed to help them manage their business more efficiently are either too complex or too expensive. It is important to recognize the unique challenges smaller organization face; many employees wear multiple hats and change can be overwhelming. Our focus is on making it easy for our clients to implement and adopt new technology so they can quickly reap the benefits from the gain in control over their day-to-day operations. Selecting solutions that are entirely cloud-based is also very important because it reduces the need for local hosting and alleviates much of the concerns relative to data security.

RedTeam has a simple focus: We want to help commercial general contractors have less stress and a better quality of life. We do this by providing them with a solution that solves real challenges faced by commercial contractors every day.

Commercial construction is a risky business and being able to track the progress of the projects, document all contractual obligations and manage cash flow is critical to commercial contractors. The combination of RedTeam and QuickBooks Online gives commercial contractors exactly what they need to run their business with more peace of mind.

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