Intuit Developer Growth Program spotlight: A2X

Intuit Developer Growth Program spotlight: A2X

Since the Intuit Developer Growth Program launched in 2022, it’s been an amazing success, so we were confident when we converted it from a pilot to a formal program in 2023. What is the Development Growth Program? It helps app developers within the QuickBooks community maximize their marketing, connect with more customers, and increase their revenue. The app developers who participated in our cohorts—Client Hub, ApprovalMax, Asset Accountant, and others—have all given the experience top scores.

Here's a conversation with participating app developer, A2X, who offers QuickBooks customers an e-commerce accounting app.

Intuit Developer Growth Program spotlight: A2X

What A2X is and does

As e-commerce businesses know, correctly accounting for e-commerce is challenging because of the high volumes of transactions occurring across different sales channels, countries, currencies, and taxes. According to Amy Crooymans, product marketing manager, A2X simplifies the process by helping e-commerce businesses accurately automate e-commerce accounting for platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and BigCommerce.

“A2X automatically fetches and processes your transaction data from your sales channel," said Amy. "It then summarizes all of the order data and generates a journal entry that includes a summary of each transaction type including sales, taxes, fees, shipping, and more. This journal entry is automatically posted to QuickBooks Online and reconciles perfectly with the bank payout from the sales channel. All of your transactions are accounted for and posted to the right Chart of Accounts. Because A2X matches the payout, you can be confident that your numbers are accurate.” 

The e-commerce accounting app integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, allowing e-commerce businesses to reconcile payouts, and manage sales revenue, fees, and other transaction data from multiple marketplaces easily and effectively. Additional benefits of using A2X include the following:

  • Eliminating the manual importing of transactions and the use of spreadsheets, saving hours every month.
  • Giving you confidence in your e-commerce financials, knowing your numbers add up.
  • Set and forget, whether you’re a small business or a large merchant with complex needs, A2X will support you as your business grows.

And A2X delivers incredible customer service. Here’s what one user, who gave A2X five stars in their QuickBooks App Store review, had to say: “The customer service with A2X is unlike any I have experienced, they go above and beyond to help investigate and solve your questions, problems, and concerns, and provide you with multiple options!”

Another five-star reviewer echoed this sentiment, writing “A2X’s customer support is top-notch. They are quick to respond to any problems or questions. This app is worth the money and such a time saver.”

Joining the Developer Growth Program

A2X is a QuickBooks Solutions Provider, and as a member of this program, has worked directly with a partner development manager at Intuit. It was this existing partnership that brought the Developer Growth Program to the attention of the A2X team. “Our Partner Development Manager recommended we explore this and facilitated contact with the Developer Growth Program team," said Amy. "We’re so glad that she did.”

One of many reasons they’ve appreciated the opportunity to join the Developer Growth Program is that during a readout of insights about their app, the Intuit team was able to point out potential changes to the A2X listing in the QuickBooks App Store that they hadn’t realized were possible.

“The Intuit team was confident these changes could have a positive impact on our conversion rate, so our development team prioritized implementing these suggestions." she said.

Another program benefit noted by Amy is the access they have to accounting experts. Though A2X already has a strong network of accountants and bookkeepers who offer product feedback, Amy said the accountant panel associated with the Developer Growth Program is very helpful. “What we’ve found beneficial with the expert accountant panel is that they haven’t used A2X before, so they come with a very fresh perspective.”

In addition to the app listing improvements suggested and the unique assessment offered by the accountants, A2X has also taken advantage of the assets Intuit provides in our Intuit Marketing Portal. Amy said there are “a lot of fantastic resources available” and added, “We’ve already worked with the Intuit team on campaigns as part of the QuickBooks Solutions Provider Program, so we’re looking forward to doing more as part of the Developer Growth Program.”

The Developer Growth Program is encouraging and insightful

For the A2X team, participating in the Developer Growth Program has been the right decision.

“The Developer Growth Program has encouraged us to get the most out of how we integrate with QuickBooks, both from a development and a marketing perspective,” said Amy. “We’ve always kept our integration and app listing up to date, but the program has highlighted changes and opportunities that we weren’t aware of. The feedback from the Intuit team has been hugely insightful.”

We believe the program will be just as encouraging and insightful for any QuickBooks app developer who chooses to participate. To inquire about program details and how to participate, visit our developer forums. We’re always looking for innovative apps that can address the needs of the QuickBooks community. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to list your app on the QuickBooks App Store.

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