Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Client Hub

Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Client Hub

With more than 5.9 million small businesses around the world running on the QuickBooks Online platform, app developers within the QuickBooks community have a vast customer base they can tap into, and Intuit is helping them do it through our Developer Growth Program.

Our objectives for the program are to help app developers maximize their marketing impact and connect with more customers to boost their efforts to grow their businesses and increase their app revenue. We believe it’s a win-win proposition, and the app developers who participated in the program pilot—including ApprovalMax, Helm, Asset Accountant, Re-Leased, Genius Sheets, Syft AnalyticsBuildertrend, Katana, and Uncat—as well as the app developers currently participating in the 2023 cohort, agree with us.

Today we are sharing what Judie McCarthy, co-founder of Client Hub, an accountant workflow and client portal solution, had to say about the benefits they’ve gained so far.

Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Client Hub

A brief history of Client Hub

Client Hub was founded in 2017. It all began when co-founder Judie McCarthy, the founder of a Top 100 ProAdvisor firm, pinpointed her biggest workflow pain point: waiting on clients.

To eliminate this challenge, Client Hub was born.

“Client Hub is an internal workflow management, client collaboration, and secure file-sharing solution," said Judie. "Our goal is to enhance accounting and bookkeeping firms’ productivity by efficiently overseeing internal workflows and removing obstacles caused by delays in client responses. With Client Hub, we simplify this process, enabling clients to easily track pending tasks, respond to inquiries, and securely upload requested files.”

Client Hub helps firms significantly reduce the time they spend sending requests and reminders to clients for necessary information. As a result, they’re happier and so are their clients. This is exactly what the “Happy Clients. Happy Firm” Client Hub mission is all about.

Here’s what one customer wrote in a QuickBooks App Store review:

“Client Hub has helped me streamline my business in so many ways. I know exactly what I need to work on each day just by taking a quick glance at my dashboard. All my client communications are in one place (no more searching through texts and emails)!! I also manage my team’s workflow in Client Hub, so we are all on the same page and know exactly what’s going on with each client. There are so many amazing features, and I could go on and on, but the best part is how easy it is to use! Even my most “non-tech” clients can navigate through their account with ease!! Thank you Client Hub for putting everything I need in one awesome app!!”

Client Hub has earned an overall 4.9-star rating from its users. This near-perfect rating is a testament to the success of its four-pronged philosophy focused on providing:

  1. An amazing client experience.
  2. Sophisticated, yet simple product design.
  3. Friendly service.
  4. Fair pricing.

Like all businesses, Client Hub also has a few challenges.

“Our primary challenge as an app company lies in building brand recognition," said Judie. "Effectively communicating across the bookkeeping and accounting profession to convey the problems we address. Our key focus is illustrating how leveraging technology such as Client Hub can assist them in cultivating a more satisfying practice, providing superior client experiences, and enhancing overall productivity.”

Overcoming challenges and gaining valuable insights

Judie says the Client Hub team discovered the Developer Growth Program through social media posts by developers who had participated in previous cohorts. By joining the program, Client Hub has given its team an opportunity to overcome their challenges and continue getting the word out about the unique benefits of their application. Currently, Judie and the Client Hub team are working directly with the Intuit Developers & Partners group, as well as with an exclusive network of accountants, UX experts, solution architects, and go-to-market managers.

“This program has opened up the opportunity for us to have an unbiased review of our product from an external perspective, providing valuable insights for its improvement,” she said. “Access to effective marketing tools will amplify our efforts to showcase the incredible synergy between Client Hub and QuickBooks, helping accountants and bookkeepers up their productivity game.”

Access to the expert accountant panel has been a major benefit.

“The expert accountant panel brings a distinctive perspective by examining the product from a unique vantage point," said Judie. "Their insights serve to validate that our direction aligns with addressing genuine challenges within the accounting profession. Moreover, their feedback has been instrumental in guiding and enhancing our integration to better cater to the specific needs of our customers. Their expertise contributes valuable perspectives that enrich our understanding and refine our approach to meet the evolving demands of the accounting industry.”

Developer Growth Program is “highly beneficial” for app companies

The Developer Growth Program is designed to give app developers the tools they need to take their business to the next level. For Client Hub, it’s proven to be highly beneficial.

“The program extends beyond a singular focus, addressing various aspects crucial for growth such as product development and marketing strategies," she said. "This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded enhancement of the company’s capabilities. The program also serves as a catalyst for growth by fostering stronger relationships between Intuit and the participating companies. This collaborative environment allows for shared knowledge, resources, and experiences, creating a synergistic effect that benefits all involved.”

We couldn’t agree more. We know Client Hub will continue to do great things once they graduate from the program, and we know other app companies that join the program will do the same. Judie added one more reason to participate in the Developer Growth Program: “Teaming up with a powerhouse like Intuit, known for its substantial market presence and widespread respect, not only boosts our credibility, but also adds a touch of business swagger in the accounting realm.”

Visit our developer forums to inquire about program details and to learn how to participate. We’re always looking for innovative apps that can address the needs of the QuickBooks community. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to list your app on the QuickBooks App Store.

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