We sit down with Syft Analytics Co-Founder Vangelis Kyriazis to learn more about his team's experience with the Intuit Developer Growth Program.

Intuit Marketing Concierge Program spotlight: Syft Analytics

For accountants and businesses looking for a strong financial reporting app that will help them easily visualize, analyze, and forecast financial data, Syft Analytics may be exactly what they’re looking for, according to Co-Founder and CEO Vangelis Kyriazis. This interactive and collaborative financial reporting tool seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online is the winner of multiple awards and is used by more than 150,000 businesses. By all accounts, Syft Analytics is hugely successful, but Kyriazis acknowledges that the company is not immune to the challenges that come with growing a business.

“For SaaS businesses that have established a solid product-market fit, continued meaningful growth is one of the biggest challenges,” said Kyriazis. “We are no different, and I would say our biggest challenge at the moment is identifying new channels to market to, and new partnerships that can step-change our growth trajectory.”

Enter Intuit and our new Marketing Concierge Program.

In late 2023, we launched the Marketing Concierge Program to assist third-party app developers in the QuickBooks community by providing access to Intuit assets for partner-driven marketing campaigns. From direct Intuit engagement and monthly app insights to the Intuit Marketing Portal, the program provides participants like Syft Analytics with expert marketing advice that increases mutual customer growth and helps them take their business to the next level.

We sat down with Kyriazis to find out more about Syft Analytics and how he and his team are benefitting from their experience with the Marketing Concierge Program so far.

Replacing Excel with an easy, fast and affordable financial reporting app

Syft Analytics—a South African-based company—opened its doors in 2016. Founded by Vangelis Kyriazis, Eleftherios Kyriazis, Duran Hamer, and Matt Stephanou, the company’s mission is to ease the burden of financial reporting for smaller companies. “Syft is an analytics and reporting tool designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses leverage their financial data to make better decisions," said Kyriazis. We integrate with the QuickBooks Online ledger to improve daily operational decision-making, ease month-end reporting, and better manage cash flow for the foreseeable future.”

From the beginning, the SOC 2-accredited financial reporting app was designed to improve upon and replace Excel. It enables businesses to connect their accounting, e-commerce, ERP, and other app software to manage their dashboards, financial reporting, consolidations, scorecards, forecasting, analytics, data review, and spreadsheets all in one place.

According to more than 400 users, Syft Analytics is a five-star application. Here’s what one of the company’s many satisfied users had to say:

“I was looking for something to help me extract, customize, and automate the data with QBO. With a literal click of a button, all the data from QBO was seamlessly synced to Syft where I was able to visualize the data, customize reports, test financial sensitivities, and compare my business to other similar businesses. Not only does this solve every solution I have, but it does also so at a fraction of the cost of similar apps. Also, their customer service and online learning is wonderful! 10/10 would recommend.”

Benefits of joining the Marketing Concierge Program

For Kyriazis, joining the Marketing Concierge Program has led to several business-enhancing benefits. “We have gained valuable insights into the underlying user base of our integration which will help inform more targeted marketing approaches. We have also received guidance on how to enhance our listing in the QuickBooks App Store and how to focus even more on use-case messaging and insights to drive connection uptake.”

Access to the assets within the Intuit Marketing Portal is another major benefit of the program, and Kyriazis says this resource has made an invaluable impact on their marketing campaigns.

“The Marketing Portal has been a real source of inspiration for how we message and position our platform,” said Kyriazis. “It’s great having a real-world demonstration of how to target different audiences, different channels, and different products but still keep the foundational messaging the same. It has helped us enhance how we align ourselves alongside various QuickBooks propositions.”

Kyriazis believes that tapping into the “extensive expertise” of the Go-to-Market (GTM) team at Intuit—yet another benefit of the program—may be the biggest opportunity of all. He says, “We are able to tap into a team that deals with GTM strategies across tons of products, audiences, and partners. Our focus is on applying these insights and anecdotes from the program team to land concepts and pitch ideas of joint GTM strategies to increase our connection base.”

Partnering with Intuit and the Marketing Concierge Program leads to success

When asked if other app partners should consider partnering with Intuit and the Marketing Concierge Program, Kyriazis had no reservations about recommending it. He says, “I think for app partners to succeed, there must be a strong alignment of objectives. Alignment in terms of how the partnership is complementary, clarity in how value is unlocked for the whole ecosystem, and ultimately how apps support Intuit’s strategy. The program helps apps validate this alignment, and I believe once that’s in place, the visibility and exposure through the Intuit network and channels will naturally come.”

He adds, “It is always a privilege to be able to test and exchange ideas with an experienced team from a market leader such as Intuit.”

We’re grateful to Kyriazis for taking the time to share his experience with our Marketing Concierge Program. As we continue moving forward, we’re excited to support Syft Analytics and see the success of their marketing initiatives. Says Kyriazis, “Without giving away anything too confidential, we could see some exciting collaborations across thought leadership content, cloud migration strategies, and GTM pitches.”

Stay tuned for more stories from app developers participating in our Marketing Concierge Program. Until then, we’re always looking for innovative apps that address the needs of the QuickBooks community. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to list your app on the QuickBooks App Store, which is the first place we look!

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