What’s new in apps: October 2019

What’s new in apps: October 2019

Data is everywhere. Your practice is dealing with more data, faster than ever before. How do you manage this firehose of information?  Apps that work with QuickBooks® can wrangle all that data into efficient workflows and actionable insights, unlocking more time for you to grow your practice.  Here are the latest apps for October.

Pilera Property Management Software – Property management software designed to save managers time and money.

Guideline 401(k) – Easy, affordable 401(k) for small business.

PaperEntry – Convert your bills, receipts and invoices into usable data to save time

TMetric – simple and accurate work time-tracker that sets you free from tedious time reporting.

Our developers continuously update their apps to help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s a new update from Housecall Pro.

Housecall Pro recently launched their XL plan with new offerings including a sales proposal tool, advanced reporting, financing, and expense management.  Built specifically for larger services with ten or more employees, XL also comes with a strategic account manager. Learn more about Housecall Pro XL.

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