Writing a job description for your firm.

7 steps for writing an enticing job description for your firm or practice

When writing a job description for your firm or practice, you’re trying to attract people to come and work for you. Many people will read the job posting, but how do you make sure your top candidates actually apply? Here are seven steps to writing an enticing job description.

  1. Thoughtfulness – Put some time and effort into your job description. It’s easy to just cut and paste from other places, but to attract top performers, you will need to show them that you are also a top performing company. Think about what the job is all about. Consider who you want to work for you and tailor the job to them. If you just write a boring job description, you will receive boring applicants. Think deep and come up with a description that will wow potential candidates.
  2. Exact – Be exact with your phrasing. Do not create a vague job description. If the description is vague, you will have many applicants who are over- or under-qualified for the position. You want a good number of applicants, but you also want the best applicants for the position. You want someone whose cv or resume lines up with the job you are describing. Do not make your applicants guess what you want from them. Don’t know the difference between a CV or resume? Find out in this article.
  3. Keywords – Be sure to include pertinent keywords in your description. You want search engines to pull up your job when top candidates are searching the web. Keywords will help with searches and will also help clarify your ad. Just as you are looking for top candidates, they are also searching for specific keywords in job descriptions. Ask the hiring manager or look up keywords that go along with the position you are trying to fill. Take you time and put a few in the job description.
  4. Summary and title – In your job description, you should have a title that catches the eye of someone scrolling through job positions. The title should describe the position, but not in a dull way. An interesting title will draw interesting people to the job description. When you have figured out an interesting title, you should also write a brief job summary. This can be a one- or two-line description of the position you are hiring for.
  5. Responsibilities – In this main section, you will be writing the responsibilities for the position. Making this section a performance-based description will help draw people in and highlight what they will be doing. You should tell the candidate what they need to bring to the job and what they should accomplish on the job. Make sure your job description is gender neutral. You want the top candidate whether it is a woman or a man. Bullet points are a great way to highlight this section. They will also draw people to your job description. Make sure you are specific as to the requirements a person should bring to this position. Find out your top specialist in your firm who fits this job description. Write down their top qualities and what they bring to the practice. This is a great way to write a precise and accurate job description. This section should show potential employees what it will be like to work at this job for your company. Walk them through their responsibilities and your expectations.
  6. Describe your firm – Take a couple of sentences and describe your company to potential top employees. Highlight what you do and why they would want to work with you. Show them that your company is the best place to look for this particular position. Make sure your top potential employees know why they want to work for you. Be sure to close with an invitation to apply and the hiring manager’s information (or you). Top candidates will research your company even if you supply the hiring manager’s information in the job description. Supplying that information gives them one less thing they have to search your website for. Also be sure to include an address or email where you want the application to be sent.
  7. Review – Take some time to look over the job description you created. Make sure it is realistic and on point. Show the description to the hiring manager (or you) and get their input. Finally, proofread the job description. You will not get top candidates if your job description has spelling errors. Make sure your description is clean and precise for the advertised position.

A good job description can be crafted in about five minutes or so. A great job description that will bring in top candidates will take longer but will be worth it. The better and more precise the job description the more top candidates will apply.

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