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Announcing changes to QuickBooks products and pricing + QuickBooks Desktop FAQs

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing

Q: What are the QuickBooks Desktop price increases?

  • QuickBooks Desktop Plus products will be sold at full MSRP, with no discounts in any channel.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2023 pricing per user will be as follows, please contact sales on pricing for additional users:

Image Alt Text

Q: What are the ProAdvisor® bundle license changes?

To align with the terms of our annual ProAdvisor bundle subscriptions, the 2023 QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant licenses included in the ProAdvisor bundles are changing. Per our updated policy on “Discontinuation and End of Software Support,” our 2023 ProAdvisor bundles will include support until May 31, 2024, or for the latest version available during the term of your active subscription. For more details, see Section 13.1.2. of the 2023 End User License Agreement.

Q: Are there any changes to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise pricing?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise pricing will remain unchanged for the 23.0 launch.

QuickBooks Desktop payroll pricing

Q: What are the QuickBooks Desktop price increases?

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced and Basic Payroll subscriptions that have a monthly per-employee fee will see the following price changes on or after Oct. 1, 2022.

Image Alt Text
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll for Accountants will not be impacted by this price increase
  • To simplify billing, we’re consolidating our subscription plans and moving older pricing plans to the current plan as follows:
  • Payroll subscribers who are on older pricing plans with direct deposit fees and no monthly per-employee fees will be moved to the new Payroll pricing structure. Starting in Jan. 2023, these changes will take effect at the subscription renewal date. You will be sent a notification for any other changes with a request to accept the new terms prior to the change.
  • Standard Payroll will be rolled into Enhanced Payroll with no loss of functionality.
  • All Limited (1-3 employees) and Unlimited (4+ employees) Basic or Enhanced plans will be moved to the equivalent new subscription plan, expanding the flexibility of a growing workforce.

Image Alt Text

QuickBooks Desktop pricing questions

Q: Is there any additional value accompanying the latest Desktop price increase?

A: QuickBooks Desktop is a highly developed, robust product that includes dozens of recent improvements made to the product. This includes a major performance overhaul (64-bit enhanced computing power), multiple time-saving automation features (Receipt/Bill entries), and security enhancements. This year, Accountants and your customers will also benefit from the addition of a new cash flow hub, which helps improve visibility into cash flow by monitoring inflows and outflows in a single dashboard. More information to come as part of our anticipated September release.

Q: How did you decide what the new pricing should be?

We remain committed to providing best-in-class products and pricing for our valued accountants and their clients. Pricing reflects the value the product provides and takes into account other offerings that are comparable in the marketplace.

Q: What is the most affordable way to utilize the benefits of QuickBooks?

A: With the QuickBooks Online discount offered to accountants, customers can get QuickBooks Online at a lower annual price than QuickBooks Desktop.

Q: Do you offer multi-user versions? What is the pricing for additional users?

A: Yes. Each unique user requires a license. Each license is sold separately. All copies of QuickBooks must be the same version-year. Pro Plus allows up to 3 paying users ($200 per additional user). Premier Plus allows up to 5 paying users ($300 per additional user). ProAdvisor Bundles are single user licenses only. Accountants needing additional licenses may contact sales to purchase a standalone subscription to QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Plus.

Q: Why are you ending accountant discounts for QuickBooks Desktop products?

A: We are modifying our QuickBooks Desktop discount policy to encourage businesses to evaluate both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, determining which product is the right fit based on business need. Many small businesses are choosing QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop as they realize the flexibility and mobility benefits of being on a connected, online platform. And while we continue to support QuickBooks Desktop and the customers using these products, we are accelerating our investment into QuickBooks Online platform products.

Q: Many customers will no longer be able to afford QuickBooks. How does QuickBooks plan to support these businesses?

A: We’re working to help more small businesses grow and thrive – and we’ve declared the goal that we’ll improve the success rate of all small businesses on our platform by ten percent over the national average by 2025. QuickBooks Desktop provides tremendous value to small businesses, with dozens of improvements made over the last year and more to come this year, including new cash flow and expense management tools, which has a direct impact on improving the success rate of small businesses around the world.

Q: Where can I learn more about the QuickBooks Online changes?

A: For questions and answers related to the QuickBooks Online changes, visit our QuickBooks Online FAQs here.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll pricing questions

Q: What is the Payroll price change?

A: QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll will receive a price increase on the “Per Employee” fee portion of the subscription to $5 per an employee a month.

Q: Who will be impacted by the Payroll price change?

A: All Enhanced and Basic users as follows:

  • New Enhanced Payroll subscribers starting Oct. 1, 2022.
  • Existing Enhanced and Basic Payroll subscribers who pay per employee will be impacted by the per employee price change starting October 1, 2022. Invoices for October payroll usage will reflect the new pricing.
  • Existing Enhanced and Basic Payroll subscribers on older pricing plans (currently do not pay per employee fee) will be moved to the current web-published pricing plan with $5 per employee fee per month and no additional charge for direct deposit. This change will take effect on the renewal date starting in 2023.
  • Enhanced Payroll Plus is changing from Enhanced Payroll without monthly employee fee + QuickBooks Pro or Premier version protection to Enhanced Payroll with monthly employee fee + QuickBooks Pro or Premier Plus starting in 2023
  • Note: QuickBooks Enterprise Gold and Platinum subscriptions include Enhanced Payroll and there’s no charge per employee fee each month and are not impacted by this pricing change.

Q: What Payroll pricing options do QuickBooks Desktop users have?

A: For some customers with 10+ employees, it may be more economical to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise, Gold or Platinum, which includes Enhanced Payroll and preferred per employee pricing. See here for more Payroll details.

Q: Why are you increasing prices on Payroll?

A: The price increase will match the price increase on QuickBooks Online Payroll Core which will also be $5 per employee a month. The reasons behind the price increase are:

  1. Simplifying our payroll offerings allows customers to compare our products/services across our ecosystems.
  2. Align with industry standards for pricing on Direct Deposit, QuickBooks Workforce, eFiling, etc.
  3. Retain affordable pricing by raising the per-employee fee instead of the base subscription fee.

Below is the QuickBooks Online Payroll Core price for reference.

Image Alt Text

Q: Are Desktop Payroll products going away?

A: There’s no plan to discontinue Desktop Payroll for existing customers. QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll will continue to be offered to new subscribers. And Assisted Payroll will continue to be offered to new Enterprise Diamond customers. For our recent announcement about Desktop Payroll products, click here.

QuickBooks Online to Desktop migration changes

Q: How can I migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced? Where can I learn more about migrating?

A: QuickBooks Online provides many great benefits over desktop. Migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced is easier than ever. Learn how to import your QuickBooks Desktop company file to QuickBooks Online. No need to start over again – just move your desktop file to a QuickBooks Online company. Learn more at Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online.

Q: I’m not yet ready for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced. How can I migrate to QuickBooks Enterprise?

A: QuickBooks Enterprise is a great choice for product-based businesses with inventory who are looking for enhanced visibility and control to help power their growing business. Learn more about migration to Enterprise here.

General questions

Q: Why are you prioritizing QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop?

A: Customers are choosing QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop. This adoption accelerated even further during the pandemic when small businesses needed to quickly shift their businesses to our QuickBooks Online platform, which provides more flexibility and more mobility with anytime/anywhere access. You can learn more about QuickBooks Online and how to migrate your Desktop files here.

Q: Who qualifies as an accountant for the new QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus? How can you tell if the product is right for me?

A: QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus is intended for accountants and bookkeepers to support clients who need access to a multi-user license with accountant-specific tools. Purchasers must first qualify with sales agents prior to purchasing this product.

Q: What is the difference between the previous version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop and the new QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus?

A: The previous version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop was a perpetual license, with 3 years of support for connected services. The new QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus is an annual subscription. Both products offer similar functionality and user interface. By converting QuickBooks Accountant Desktop to a subscription, we are driving consistency across the QuickBooks lineup, and equipping accountants with access to the latest versions for easier collaboration with clients, as well as ensuring the latest security patches and 3rd party operating system support.

Q: What features are new in the upcoming Desktop release?

A: There are multiple improvements launching across QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Enterprise this year. Desktop Plus is headlined by a new cash flow hub, which helps improve visibility into cash flow by monitoring inflows and outflows in a single dashboard. Businesses will get a better picture of incoming money flow by tracking paid and incoming invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, payments, and more. It will manage expenses by tracking paid and upcoming vendor bills, saving customers time by consolidating multiple reports without manual calculations.

Q: Why is the support period changing for licenses included in the ProAdvisor Bundle? What happens if I need to support a client on the 2023 version beyond May 2024?

A: The 2023 QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant licenses included in the ProAdvisor bundles are changing to be better aligned with annual subscription billing. These licenses will be supported through May 2024. ProAdvisors will still be able to service clients on the 2023 version with these perpetual licenses, even after May 2024, but will not have support for connected services after that date. Access to supported versions will continue to be released to active ProAdvisor subscribers, when available.

Q: Can you share the email you sent out on 5/26/2022?

A: Here is the link to the email you received on 5/26/2022.


Q: Where can I buy QuickBooks Desktop products? Are you still selling QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus?

A: Distribution is always subject to change. QuickBooks Desktop products will no longer be available in the retail channel. Desktop Premier Plus will be available for purchase wherever QuickBooks Desktop is offered. Existing Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise customers will be able to renew in the product, or automatically with an active credit card on file.

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Q: Who can I contact if I have any additional questions?

A: Thank you for your continued partnership.  If you have more questions regarding this change, please call 1-800-4-INTUIT.

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