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QuickBooks Live Tax is now available

For the latest on our QuickBooks Live strategy, see this article.

QuickBooks Live Tax is now available; read more about it here. Read more below about our strategy around QuickBooks Live Tax from Ted Callahan, the leader of accountant partnerships and strategy.

As our partners, it’s important you hear from us about changes to our platform, such as our upcoming launch of QuickBooks Live Tax. Before getting into the specifics, we want to share why we continue to invest in QuickBooks Live and build Live into our partnership with the ProAdvisor community.

We believe that access to experts is crucial for the long-term success of every small business. We will continue to add to, and improve, the ways in which we make that a reality. Our goal is not only to provide access for all customers to accounting experts, but also to invest in the growth of the accounting industry and the future success of our accounting partners.

Intuit QuickBooks Live has grown since its inception four years ago, providing ongoing bookkeeping services for small businesses. Providing access to experts throughout their journey with QuickBooks remains central to our shared mission to power prosperity for small businesses. As we expand the QuickBooks Live portfolio, our focus is shifting toward providing more assisted services (do-it-with-me) that focus on teaching and nurturing businesses that are trying to "do it alone," exposing them to the value of working with experts. 

When new small businesses discover the successful benefits of working with a QuickBook Live expert, we create opportunities to build stronger partnerships with our ProAdvisors. As customer needs and expectations mature, we will continue to invest in more improvements to quality, service delivery, and a more streamlined transition to ProAdvisors and the services you provide, including advisory and specialized expertise. We believe in a future of complementary services offered by ProAdvisors and QuickBooks Live, and we are exploring how best to create win-win opportunities for our shared customers.

Last year, Intuit introduced TurboTax Live for Business, offering tax prep and filing services with TurboTax Live Experts to small businesses. We found that many small businesses taking advantage of TurboTax Live for Business were also QuickBooks Online customers. The new TurboTax offering allowed these customers to easily gain the benefits of professional help at tax time.

To bring this benefit to all QuickBooks Online subscribers, QuickBooks Live Tax, Powered by TurboTax, will launch in January. This new service for small businesses is designed to provide a seamless books-to-tax experience inside QuickBooks, including preparing and filing 2023 taxes through unlimited access to live experts. Costs vary by entity and service type, start at $169, and payment is required when taxes are filed. QuickBooks Live Tax is for QuickBooks Online customers, and combines the power of QuickBooks with TurboTax Live tax experts.

We hope this article provides you with more information about the QuickBooks Live Tax launch. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out or leave feedback here.


What is QuickBooks Live Tax?

QuickBooks Live Tax helps small businesses prepare and file 2023 taxes from within QuickBooks using TurboTax Live experts.

Who is QuickBooks Live Tax for?

QuickBooks Live Tax is for U.S.-based small businesses—Sole Proprietors, Single-member LLCs, S Corporations, Partnerships, and Multi-member LLCsthat use QuickBooks Online.

What are the QuickBooks Live Tax experts’ qualifications?

QuickBooks Live Tax services will be powered by TurboTax experts who have experience and a depth of knowledge in business taxes. They're tax experts in businesses that can help partnerships (Form 1065), S Corporations (Form 1120S), or Multi-Member LLCs, as well as self-employed business owners who need to file personal taxes and Schedule C. They have an average of 16 years of experience. When a small business is connected with a business tax expert, they’ll be able to see their specific credentials and experience.

Best regards,

Ted Callahan

*QuickBooks Live Tax, powered by TurboTax, is an integrated service with QuickBooks Online. Fees apply at the point of print or e-file. Additional terms, conditions and limitations apply. For guarantee information, see:

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