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Intro to QuickBooks apps for your clients: Connecting Your finances

Welcome to the first of several articles about apps for your clients. These articles are designed to help you educate and inform your clients on apps that will help them be more efficient and productive.

We’ve written these articles for your clients so you can simply cut and paste this info and send to clients. Here we go! Be sure to see the end of this article for a list of other articles in this series.

When you work for yourself, finances get spread out quickly, making it easier to mis-categorize common expenses, and during tax time, miss deductions or credits you are owed. There’s a simple solution: connect all your finances to QuickBooks® Online.

When you route all your accounts through QuickBooks Online, every transition is automatically added and sorted. This way, you’ll never miss another tax deduction and always have an accurate, up-to-date overview of your cash flow to help you make more informed business decisions.

Here are some tips on how to do this with the most efficiency and set yourself up for success:

Connecting your financial institutions

There are more than 1,400 financial institutions across the United States and Canada offering online banking services in QuickBooks. Chances are, you’re going to be in good shape. Click here to log into your account and start the quick and painless process.

If your financial institution isn’t included, don’t fret; they’ll simply need to be set up as a partner, which they can do here.

Connecting your business cards

No matter how many business cards you use to run your business, you can connect each of them to your QuickBooks Online account. This lets you skip re-entering statement data each month, and keeps a sorted, real-time overview of your finances right at your fingertips. Start adding your business cards now by clicking here to login to your account.

To learn more about how app integrations can help make your clients’ life easier, check out the rest of our Intro to Apps series:

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