Intuit Updates Login Procedures for QuickBooks Desktop

Intuit Updates Login Procedures for QuickBooks Desktop

Over the last several months, Intuit® reinforced existing security features to protect your QuickBooks® Desktop customers’ sensitive information. As part of this effort, Intuit implemented updates to QuickBooks Desktop software that require all users who have credit card data, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to set up a complex password for all users. This protects the data in the Company File when it is inside and outside your computer.

We have now introduced a new option with which customers are no longer required to login every time they open a Company File. Instead, customers only have to login with their username and password once every few days, and can open the Company File or switch to another Company File without having to enter a username and password, as long as they are using the same Windows user account. After these changes go into effect, customers will have to enter their username and password again only if they have explicitly logged off from the Company File, or when the extended login period has expired.  Users selecting this new option must safeguard their computers and Windows accounts, in order to ensure that their Company Files are protected.

Note: This option will only apply to Client Company Files where Credit Card Protection is not enabled.

This option will not be available by default in a Company File. The Company File’s Admin/Owner has to enable this feature for all users by setting a Company Preference, as shown in the image below. The Admin can choose how long a user can remain logged in, with a maximum of 90 days (default is 2 days).

The images below illustrate the end user and Admin product experiences:

The Admin can enable this option selecting a Company Preference, as shown in the figure below. The Company Preference is accessible through a new menu item: Company > Set Up Users and Passwords > Manage Login Settings. The Admin can change this preference to “Keep user logged for: [1-90 days],” so that users can remain logged for an extended period. The default for this period is 2 days. However, the Admin can select from a variety of settings – 1, 7, 30, 60 or 90 days.

When this option is enabled, a user can close or exit QuickBooks and still be able open the Company File, without having to enter their username and password, as shown in the figure below.

When a user logs off explicitly from the Company File, as shown in the figure below, or when the login period expires (as defined in the Company Preference by the admin), the user will be required to provide their username and password again to login to the Company File.

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