New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

QuickBooks® Desktop 2017 includes new and improved features that will help you and your clients complete tasks with less effort than before. Join me for a review of these features!

New! Scheduled Reports

Available with: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2017 and Enterprise V 17.0. (Note: Scheduled Reports does not function in multi-user or hosted modes, or if multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 are installed on the same computer.) Click here for more information.

Accessible: From the menu bar select, ReportsScheduled ReportsSchedule Setup. The report schedule can later be modified from the menu bar by selecting ReportsScheduled ReportsScheduled Report Center. Individual email preference must be completed from the menu bar by selecting EditPreferencesSend Forms and completing the required information.

Features: Get timely insight with automated Scheduled Reports. With the Scheduled Reports feature, help your client customize and schedule automatic email delivery of reports to you or others that need to stay informed.

To schedule a report, it must first be memorized. To memorize a report, customize as needed and then select the Memorize button at the top of a displayed report window. The memorized report(s) can now be included in the Schedule Setup.

Select Reports to schedule from your memorized report list.
Set a schedule from the delivery of the report(s).

Any memorized report can be scheduled to be sent by email on a recurring basis including:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every two weeks
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Email send times are offered on the hour.

After setting a recurring schedule, list the emails for distribution and assign a password that will be required to open the reports.

Customize email content that accompanies the scheduled report(s).

A few technical details about working with the Scheduled Reports feature:

  • The QuickBooks Preference must not be selected to keep QuickBooks running for quick startups. This preference can be found from the menu bar by selecting EditPreferencesGeneral on the My Preferences Tab. Ensure that this preference is unchecked.
  • The automated report will be sent even if QuickBooks is closed. The computer where the data is stored must have the windows sleep mode in power settings disabled.
  • The Windows admin user is the only one that can setup a scheduled report.
  • The Scheduled Report Center will display the status when report(s) failed to send.
  • If you are using Outlook as your email delivery option, Outlook must be running to permit the reports to be sent at the scheduled time.

The following are not supported scenarios:

  • The company file is open in multi-user mode at the time of the scheduled report. QuickBooks must either be closed or launched in single-user mode to send the scheduled report(s).
  • When using QuickBooks as your e-mail delivery option, please change your preference to either webmail or Outlook.
  • Multiple editions of the same version of QuickBooks 2017 installed on the same computer (for example, if you have QuickBooks Pro 2017 and QuickBooks Enterprise V 17.0 installed).
  • Scheduled Reports is not supported for QuickBooks in a hosted environment with roaming profiles.

New! Smart Search

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: Feature requires the following individual user preference setting to be enabled: From the menu bar, select EditPreferences. Choose the General preference on the left, and the My Preferences tab at the top, and place a checkmark in the Automatically open drop-down lists when typing.

Features: Save time with an easier, faster search. Locate accounts, items and clients faster by typing in part of a name and having QuickBooks automatically fill in the rest.

Previous year’s versions of QuickBooks Desktop would display only instances where the exact characters typed would match, beginning with the first few characters in the name.

With QuickBooks 2017, when a user begins typing a list name, QuickBooks will display a filtered drop-down list of those occurrences, where the beginning of the words matches with the characters typed.

After typing a few characters, the list of matches displays. QuickBooks users can use the arrow keys on a windows keyboard to efficiently select the appropriate list name.

In this image, Home was typed and every list item with home in the name displays.
In this image,“Ch” was typed and every list item with “CH” in the name displays.

New! In Between Amount Search

Available with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From any displayed report, select Customize Report, and from the Filters Tab, select Amount on the left. A search option is offered for an amount range. It’s also accessible from the menu bar by selecting Edit, Find.

Features: Now, you can search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.

New! Vendor and Customer Type Filter

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From the Vendor or Customer Center.

Features: Efficiently filter the Customer or Vendor Center displayed list by Type, with new filter option included.

New! Visual Reminder to Record Make Deposits

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: Displayed on the Home Page when there are Undeposited Funds balance.

Features: QuickBooks users are now notified with a badge on the Make Deposits on the Home Page when there are funds recorded as received for customer invoices but not yet recorded as deposited to the bank account. This feature is a visibility improvement and does not change the workflow in QuickBooks for recording payments and making deposits.

Record deposits badge displays when receive payments not recorded as deposited.
New! Credit Card Cleared Status

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From the menu bar, select BankingEnter Credit Card Charges.

Features: View an easy-to-read credit card charge status, resulting from reconciliation of credit card statement in QuickBooks.

New cleared status displays on credit card charge transactions when reconciled.
New! Feature Tour

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: Opens automatically with install of QuickBooks 2017. Can also be opened on demand from the menu bar by selecting HelpNew FeaturesNew Feature Tour.

Features: Want a quick way to see the new features in QuickBooks? It’s easy to share with your clients by instructing them to view the Feature Tour.

New feature tour provides quick access to learn more about what’s new.
Improved! Report Filters View and Modification

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: Select the Show Applied Filters, located in the top left corner of any displayed report. Optionally, select Hide Applied Filters to remove them from view.

Features: On a displayed report, users can select Show or Hide the Applied Filters. Users can easily modify the filters by clicking the filter type on the displayed report to open the Modify Report with the selected filter active.

The terms Show or Hide Applied Filters, as well as the displayed filters, do not print on a prepared report.

Improved! Deleted Users on Audit Trail

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From the menu bar, select ReportsAccountant & TaxesAudit Trail.

Features: Improvement is for instances when a User name was deleted by the Admin User. The Audit Trail will now retain user names associated with transaction changes for deleted users.

Deleted users association with transactions are retained in audit trail report.
Improved! Quickly Select Filters

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From any displayed report, click Customize Report, and then select the Filters tab. From the selected filter, choose Multiple, located at the top of the drop-down menu choices.

Features: Easily view and select multiple report filters. In previous year’s versions of QuickBooks Desktop, users had to carefully scroll through a list to pick the individual filtered elements. Now, in QuickBooks 2017, when selecting multiple items in a filter for a report, the list is displayed clearly, and a Select All or Clear All option is provided.

Easily select multiple list items when filtering reports.
Improved! Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Enterprise

Included with: QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0.

Accessible: Improvement when working with Pay Bills, Print Checks and other functions.
With the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0, it is easier to work in multi-user mode in the file. There are now fewer tasks that require users to switch between multi-user and single-user mode.

Features: For example, more users can now Pay Bills, Print Checks and Create Invoices from Estimates, while working in multi-user mode.

Improved communication with users when switching to single-user mode
Improved! Company File Name on Deposit Summary

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From the Make Deposits window, select PrintDeposit Summary. The company name is from the My Company information. Accessible from the menu bar selecting, CompanyMy Company. When opened, click the pencil icon to modify the Company Name.

Feature: The Deposit Summary report, printed from a displayed Make Deposits window, now includes the Company Name.

Improved! Time Sheet Row Copy and Paste

Included with: All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Accessible: From the menu bar, select Employees, Enter Time, Use Weekly Timesheet, or from the home page, select the Enter Time, Use Weekly Timesheet icon. QuickBooks users can now streamline their entry of time in timesheets by the use of a Copy Line, and then a Paste Line function, for individual lines on the Weekly Timesheet.

Features: Previous versions of QuickBooks had these same menu items listed, but they were not able to be used in the window.

Individual lines can be copied and pasted into a weekly timesheet.