New QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Certification Available Nov. 21, 2016

The QuickBooks® Desktop 2017 Certification Exam and Training Modules will be live and ready in your ProAdvisor® Center on Monday, Nov. 21. Please note that your ProAdvisor membership level may be affected. Refer to the article matching your situation for details.

Note: There are six versions of this ProAdvisor alert. Click on any of the Alert links below to see more details to the version that applies to you:

  • Alert 1: I’ve never been QuickBooks Desktop certified OR have not been QuickBooks Desktop certified since 2013 or older.

  • Alert 2: I’m QuickBooks Desktop certified in 2014 as my most recent QuickBooks Desktop certification, and I am NOT QuickBooks Online certified.

  • Alert 3: I’m QuickBooks Desktop certified in either 2015 OR 2016.

  • Alert 4: I’m QuickBooks Desktop certified in both 2015 AND 2016.

  • Alert 5: I’m QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certified.

  • Alert 6: I’m QuickBooks Desktop certified in 2014, 2015 and 2016, but not QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certified.