Tips from ProAdvisor Esther Friedberg Karp on QuickBooks Desktop 2017

Tips from ProAdvisor Esther Friedberg Karp on QuickBooks Desktop 2017

ProAdvisors rejoice …  Intuit’s® QuickBooks® Desktop 2017 will make your lives that much easier. Here at Intuit, we’re always looking for ways to make accounting a stress-free experience for bookkeepers, tax preparers and business clients. With each new product release, we always strive to do better, and your feedback is a vital part of the process.

But, you didn’t just hear all that from us. Esther Friedberg Karp, internationally-renowned QuickBooks trainer and founder of Compubooks Business Services, shared her favourite features in the new QuickBooks Desktop 2017. (Psst, don’t forget to download it now, if you haven’t already.)

“In 2017, things I hadn’t thought about were made better. It makes it a lot easier,” says Friedberg Karp. “For people who aren’t as familiar with the software, QuickBooks made certain things much easier to use.”

Better Productivity

In this new version, finding your files, lists or documents is much faster. When you type in someone’s name or are looking for a specific document, QuickBooks will now autofill searches based on words found within the middle or end of a phrase. Karp loves this new features, sharing that even though it seems small, it’s a huge productivity benefit and a memory lifesaver.

Also, you can now start scheduling reports to your heart’s content. Accountants and bookkeepers had asked for this QuickBooks Online feature and Intuit implemented the ability to schedule and automatically send reports once you’ve completed them.

In addition, you no longer have to worry about outstanding credit card transactions. Once transactions have been reconciled by the bank, the status change will show up in the credit card area, making your job that much easier.

Improved Reporting

When clients switch tax preparers, it takes a lot of digging with a fine-tooth comb to figure out how the other person created reports. Now, QuickBooks Desktop provides the ability to choose filters directly on the report, which eliminates hours of guesswork and offers a smooth transition for your client. It’s also now easier to find certain amounts of money for a report since you can search using a range of values.

Additionally, your clients will no longer double count sales thanks to the reminder of undeposited funds found on the QuickBooks Desktop 2017 homepage. “I can’t tell you the number of times that people have totally messed up their financials because someone didn’t know better,” says Friedberg Karp.

Karp mentioned that all of the above features show that the team at Intuit is listening to the feedback of their users. She herself had sent in feedback asking for search feature for people and documents, and was thankful to feel heard and see this feature in QuickBooks Desktop 2017. “Working with the team at Intuit is awesome because they not only produce great tools, but they listen to their users and incorporate their feedback, something that not all software companies do,” says Karp.