Automation for data and bills.

AutoEntry: Automates entry of bills, receipts, bank statements, sales invoices, and more

When I founded OCREX, the parent company of AutoEntry, I launched the firm with the help of fellow developer, Michael Daly, our CTO, and Tom Port, who now manages the global sales program.

OCREX began as a service provider that specialized in the development of OCR software solutions. We realized business owners were burdened by outdated and inefficient processes, while trying to focus on sales, growth and strategy. Resources were being used needlessly on activities, including manually typing in data into accounting software, which could cost up to 10 times the amount of the actual software itself. With technology now being used to simplify so many tasks at home and in the office, this didn’t make sense. Therefore, we decided to create an intelligent automated solution to solve this problem for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, worldwide.

While other data entry solutions existed, we wanted ours to offer a wider range of time-saving features, for a fair price, to help users do more for less. We wanted to ensure the software was quick to act and highly accurate in its capture of data. After several years of developing a solution to fit the high standards we set ourselves, we launched AutoEntry in early 2016 from Dublin, HQ. Its foundations have been built on AI and OCR technology, making it a uniquely functional and agile solution, and we’ve been delighted with how quickly it has gained traction in the industry.

The workforce has expanded in line with this success, growing to almost 50 employees, spread across offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Our close knit team is what drives AutoEntry forward, and our culture is built on principles including transparency, clear communication and working together for the benefit of our customers. 

Functionality and main features

AutoEntry eliminates the error prone and labor-intensive task of bookkeeping data entry. The solution works by capturing and analyzing scanned and photographed paper documents, including bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, receipts, and more, accurately automating this information into QuickBooks® Online and Desktop software.

By using AutoEntry and leveraging automation, businesses can save time, reduce costs and drive a competitive edge in their industry by focusing less on paperwork and more on growing their company. They can also enjoy the benefits of a "green" and less cluttered office space, with client data stored securely in the cloud.

What sets AutoEntry apart

While other data entry solutions exist, AutoEntry stands out due to the quality and range of its features. For instance, AutoEntry automates the capture of data from almost any type of paper document, including bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts, and more, automating data entry securely and accurately into QuickBooks. Users can upload expense receipts, adding these to expense reports before posting this information into a user’s QuickBooks account. AutoEntry can capture full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line. AutoEntry can even sync invoices to matching, open purchase orders.

Yet, despite offering the broadest range of features out there, we also offer the best rates. This pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model, using credits which are billed as a monthly subscription. Adding more client companies or employees incurs no extra charges, and any unused credits from one month rolls onto the next. Advanced plans are also available for larger firms with a high volume of documents.

Customer feedback

“When we were developing AutoEntry, we wanted to understand everything firms could want from a data entry solution, to enable us to build an app to encompass all of these attributes," the team says. "We gathered feedback from the perspective of both accountants and bookkeepers, as well as business owners, in order to make AutoEntry as versatile as possible. In addition to this, we focused on the key features that were missing from other available products, such as line item breakdown and desktop integrations, and then made these a core element of our product.

“We have strong working relationships with our users, and welcome suggestions and observations on what processes are working well and what could be improved on," the team continues. "In fact, we have a dedicated customer success team who work with our customers to resolve any queries as they arise, and ensure they’re getting as much value as possible out of the software."

Although AutoEntry is not new, its evolution is continuous. Our talented team of developers continue to refine its features in order to keep pace with emerging technologies and ensure AutoEntry is able to stay on the top of its game.

Working with QuickBooks

“We consider Intuit® to be a forerunner in the industry, and an organization at the center of tech innovation and emerging trends. Intuit’s vision, leadership and company culture mean that its finger is on the pulse regarding strategic growth and how to best serve the needs of accountants and their business users. We feel that our optimism for the future and passion for working with our customers is closely aligned, and we’re excited to continue this partnership – the sky’s the limit!

"The QuickBooks network is a community of dynamic business leaders, and we’re excited to help fuel their growth by providing the digital intelligence they need to automate their bookkeeping,” the team says. 


Our audience is any business that needs to reconcile its receipts and invoices. AutoEntry is applicable to business owners across all sectors and industries, and of all shapes and sizes.

While we don’t have a target small business profile, our small business users generally have some knowledge of digital solutions and are running some processes in the cloud, such as via their QuickBooks account. AutoEntry is so easy to navigate that anyone with a smartphone can use AutoEntry by simply snapping a picture of their bill or receipt, with the publishing of this data automated into their QuickBooks account. 

Way forward

In order to succeed in a competitive landscape, business owners need to bring their product or service to market while minimizing costs, creating a strong brand identity and offering the best service possible. The strategic use of technology to automate certain lines of business can transform how a firm operates and help managers create the capacity to keep staff motivated and their customers engaged. 

What can be achieved today with the help of technology seems almost limitless. And, as an AI-based app provider, AutoEntry is especially excited to see AI becoming more pervasive in the workplace. AI is not confined to what is seen in mainstream media and can be applied by accountants in many different ways. For instance, it has the ability to simplify administrative processes, aggregate and make sense of data, and provide new channels of communication with clients.

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