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QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts to help you and your clients

There are several shortcuts that can speed up navigation within QuickBooks Online. These will all work in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, except where noted. 

Check out this article for a full list of QuickBooks Online shortcuts. You can also access a quick reference guide within QuickBooks Online by holding Control + Option (ALT) + ? (for Mac). Bookmark this article for future reference, and be sure to let your clients know about these shortcuts.

Note to Mac users: You can try these shortcuts using the command (⌘) key instead of ALT or CTRL, where noted below.

How to enter dates

Next day + (plus key)

Previous day - (minus key)

Today T

First day of the Week W

Last day of the week K

First day of the Month M

Last day of the month H

First day of the Year Y

Last day of the year R

Press Alt+down arrow to open the pop-up calendar icon to the right of a date field.

How to calculate amounts and rates

In any Amount or Rate field, enter a calculation. When you press Tab, QuickBooks Online calculates the result.

Add + 1256.94+356.50

Subtract - 48.95-15

Multiply * 108*1.085

Divide / 89.95/.33

Group ( ) 13.95+(25.95*.75)

How to move around fields on most forms

Use the Tab key to go forward.

Use Shift+Tab to go back.

Use the SpaceBar to check a check box field

How to choose items in a list that has sub-items

1. Type the first few characters of the parent item until it is selected.

  • To jump to the list of sub-items, type the first few characters of the sub-item until it is selected.
  • Press Alt + down arrow to open the list of sub-items, and then press the down arrow or the up arrow to scroll through the sub-items

2. Press Tab to select the item you want and move to the next field.

How to choose items in dropdown lists

Press Tab until you reach the field.

Press Alt + down arrow to open the list.

Press up arrow or down arrow to move through the items in the list.

Press Tab to select the item you want and move to the next field.

If you don’t want to open the whole list, but just want to scroll through the items in the text box, press Ctrl + down arrow or Ctrl + up arrow

How to save forms

From any form, press Alt + S instead of clicking Save.

In Firefox and Chrome, you must use Alt + Shift + S. For Mac users it is Option + Control + S

How to respond to messages

Hold down the Alt key. If the button names have underlined letters, you can keep the Alt key held down and type the letter to select the button you want.

How to save or edit a selected transaction (h2)

Press Alt + S to save. Alt + Shift + S (for Firefox and Chrome).

Press Alt + E to edit a saved transaction. This opens the transaction form.

How to move between transactions within the register, selecting the date filed as you go

Press the up arrow to select the transaction above.

Press the down arrow to select the transaction below.

How to move around in journal entries (h2)

In the Journal Entry screen, press the up arrow to move to the distribution line above and the down arrow to move to the one below.

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