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The Reimagined ProAdvisor Program: A comprehensive guide to new tiers, points, and enhanced benefits

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our reimagined ProAdvisor Program! A renewed program, envisioned in partnership with you, the accounting community. Set to launch Nov. 20, this exciting development has been shaped by invaluable feedback from a wide range of accounting firms and professionals. However, it’s just the beginning and there’s much more to come!

In this article, we'll discuss how we've refreshed the point and tier system to give it a renewed value that aligns better with practice focus areas and goals. We're confident that the benefits we've incorporated, including accountant-approved apps, premium support, email templates, and firm growth consultation, will increase efficiency and drive growth for accounting professionals and firms. 

Read on to learn more about the exciting changes we've made to the ProAdvisor Program launching on Nov. 20.

“Change can be daunting, but this is a golden opportunity you don't want to miss. It's time to amplify your practice, seize the benefits, and provide unmatched value to your clients.” - Tony Proctor

As Tony stated, change can be daunting, please share your questions or suggestions so that we can continue to build for the people, by the people.

Tier Thresholds & Points

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We're excited to introduce some enhancements to our tier system. The thresholds for each tier will be elevated, rewarding growth and advancement within the tiers. You can find the updated thresholds above.

In addition, we're adding new point activities to help you earn even more points. If you have active QuickBooks Payments customers, you'll receive 75 points for each one. You’ll also receive 25-75 points for connected active QuickBooks Bill Pay customers, depending on the plan they’re on. Additionally, you’ll receive 25 points for connected active QuickBooks Ledger customers. We're also doubling the points for Payroll Certification from 100 to 200 points, further rewarding your expertise and dedication. These changes will be retroactive and will affect all ProAdvisor point totals upon launch, but there will be a 90-day grace period for any potential downward tier movement.


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In order to create more clarity of the benefits and highlight differentiation, the benefit categories have been changed (see above). In addition, two new benefits categories have been introduced: Special benefits & promotions and Resources for all accountants.


The Reimagined ProAdvisor Program: A comprehensive guide

​​We have made some adjustments to the Silver tier of our Marketing benefits, which now includes the QuickBooks Online Migration Toolkit and Digital ProAdvisor badges. Further details on the changes to the badges will be provided in the next section. We have also enhanced the Mailchimp 15% discount and relocated it to the Discounts for Your Firm section, where it now resides with other similar offers. In addition, the marketing video series is now accessible to all tiers in the “Resources for all accountants” section. 

For our Gold tier, we have introduced email templates to assist accountants in communicating with their clients. There are two categories of these templates:

  1. “QuickBooks ecosystem,” which offers campaigns for discussing QuickBooks products with clients.
  2. “Client engagement,” which provides campaigns for accountants to initiate and strengthen their relationships with clients, as well as remind them of important deadlines.

These templates are available as downloadable Word documents, making them accessible to every ProAdvisor. They will also be preloaded in Mailchimp. In addition, access to the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory will now be linked not only to certification status, but also to tier level. Only certified ProAdvisors in the Gold tier or above will be allowed to publish their profiles in the directory. 

For our Elite ProAdvisors, they will now have the opportunity to schedule time with a Firm Growth Consultant. These account managers will assist in expanding and strategically planning the growth of Elite ProAdvisor firms.


A sticker of a course has been added to a course.

We have redesigned the ProAdvisor badges and built a strategy to encourage greater engagement and recognition. Existing tier and certification badges have been reimagined with an updated design, gamification elements, and stronger headlines for ProAdvisor recognition. Key elements such as tier and certification colors, have been carried over to maintain consistency with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor benefits table and to enforce the established recognition our partners and their clients are accustomed to receiving.

Two new categories of badges are also being introduced: Community and Knowledge Skills. Community badges will be awarded for recognized services and partnership with Intuit. Knowledge Skill badges will be linked to specific learning pathways in the ProAdvisor Training Portal.

Benefits—Special Benefits & Promotions

Image Alt Text

All ProAdvisors will now be able to access a selection of apps that have been vetted and approved by a panel of seasoned accounting professionals. This panel was tasked with reviewing and rating industry-specific apps based on their data mapping capabilities, customer support, usability, and their effectiveness in addressing specific use cases. These approved apps can be found in a new section of the QuickBooks Online Accountant app store, categorized by industry vertical. We have initially focused on apps for the Construction industry, but we plan to expand this to include apps for professional services, administrative services, and general productivity in the near future.

Elite ProAdvisors will receive a new, annually changing benefit. This will encompass exclusive sweepstakes, contests, incentives, special events, unique experiences at Intuit events such as QuickBooks Connect, and discounts on event tickets. These benefits will be communicated to Elite ProAdvisors throughout the year at the time of the promotions and events.

Benefits—Product Support

A picture of a phone with a menu.

Under the newly introduced tier thresholds, ProAdvisors with Gold status and above will have access to premium support. This premium support includes the advantage of being assisted by more experienced agents and the convenience of scheduling a call back. The fastest way to upgrade from Silver to Gold status and gain access to these benefits is to have at least one member of your firm successfully pass all the certification exams. These exams include QuickBooks Online, Advanced QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Payroll. By doing so, you will unlock the premium support benefit among other Gold benefits discussed in this article.

Benefits—Discounts for Your Firm

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We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes to our discount offerings that will provide even more value to our partners. These enhancements fall under the benefit category of Discounts for Your Firm. 

We have made a significant adjustment to our Mailchimp discount, which was previously available only to our Gold tier and above in the Marketing Tools category. We've not only extended this offer to include our Silver tier ProAdvisors, but we've also increased the discount from 15% to a whopping 75%. This revised discount is applicable to the Mailchimp Standard SKU, a package that comprehensively caters to the requirements of our accountant partners.

In addition, we've expanded our firm discounts to encompass our tax products. For Intuit® Tax Advisor, we have structured our discounts based on membership tiers. Silver tier members will receive three clients free of charge. Gold tier members will also receive three free clients, plus an additional 10% off for any extra clients. Platinum members will enjoy three free clients and a 15% discount on additional clients, while our Elite members will receive three free clients and a 20% discount on any extra clients. For Intuit ProConnect™ Tax, we've arranged tier-based discounts as well. Gold members will receive a 35% discount, Platinum members a 40% discount, and Elite members will benefit from a substantial 45% discount. These changes underscore our commitment to providing the best possible value to our partners across all tiers.

Benefits—Discounts for Your Clients

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No changes have been made to the client discounts.

Benefits—Software for Your Firm

Image Alt Text

No changes to the free software for your firm. Please see above the software available to support the management of your firm and clients.


Image Alt Text

We are launching new training content for ProConnect Tax and third-party applications. ProAdvisors can access these training modules directly through the provided links in the benefits table or within the Training Portal.

Benefits—Resources for all Accountants

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We have introduced a new section called “Resources for all Accountants.” This section provides a list of benefits available to all accountants. To facilitate easy access to these resources, accountants can directly access these benefits from within QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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