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Craziest places or situations you’ve ever worked

We asked ProAdvisors® and accountants about the craziest places or situations they’ve ever worked … and the answers were great!

“From the kitchen table while my husband was driving the RV from Massachusetts to Florida. We drive instead of fly so our chief office mate – our cocker spaniel Teddy – can be safe and with us at all times.” Karen Magno

“We cruise a lot. The lido deck is great for using QuickBooks® Online! You meet lots of people who are amazed I can work on the ship. I love what I do and can do it in the middle of the ocean!” Debra Kilsheimer

“I recently finished up some books and ran payroll from Turks and Caicos. I had to work in my room so I didn’t get sand in my computer! I’m happy I don’t have to stay at home because of work. I even brought a second travel monitor for maximum efficiency.” Stacey Byrne

“At a kids’ birthday party out in the middle of nowheresville because I had some work I needed to get done. As a single momma, I can’t risk not completing important assignments, but I also can’t risk not being involved in my children’s lives. Sometimes, choosing just isn’t an option. I’m grateful to live in a time where we really can work from anywhere, for a full range of tasks, even during a birthday party, which, in this case, had a a Little House on the Prairie theme (it was kind of funny that I was doing tech work in a stable while the kids were churning butter, doing needlepoint and handwashing laundry!).” Beth Damis

“I’ve worked in the back seat of a pickup truck doing 120 km/hr on Highway 401 between Toronto and Ottawa. Everyone else but the driver was asleep. I tethered my iPad to my iPhone, did payroll and posted some transactions!” Elaine Orr

“Recently, while out riding with my brother-in-law, I got a text message from a client: She needed payroll done early because they were headed out of town for a family emergency. Once she sent me hours, I was able to login to IOP4A, process payroll and get her the PDFs of paystubs, all while in the saddle!” Stacy Kildal

“I processed payroll overseas in Cairo, Egypt, while eating at a Chili’s on a boat in the Nile River. It was wonderful that I got to be so close to history and yet have the technology to do my job.” Sandy Leal

“I was at a living history event doing 1850s gold rush days, but I helped a client by phone. I looked like I was in the wrong time period!” Becky Neilson

“I was on my honeymoon in Magic Kingdom, waiting in line to ride Splash Mountain. While waiting in line, I answered emails and phone calls. A 50ft drop doesn’t get in the way of providing a good service to clients!” Yandra Viviana

“Last year on a trip to Washington, D.C., I was walking the steps of the Supreme Court, when my mobile buzzed with an incoming call from a customer who had locked themselves out of an app. I talked her through resetting her password, and at the same time, I was thinking about all the opportunities in our country. It struck me how powerful a moment that was!” Kim Hornsby

“At a bar while on a date. I had payroll to file. I used the Teamviewer app on my smartphone to access QuickBooks on my office computer. Everything was really, really tiny! My date was a fellow accountant, and he was extremely interested in it, fortunately!” L Marie Zumwalt, EA

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