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Plooto: Send and receive business payments in one integrated cloud-based platform

Hamed Abbasi, CEO of Plooto, started the company in 2014 and was inspired by the need to make payments more efficient. When he was running his previous company, he noticed there were no financial tools to help small- to medium-sized businesses run smoothly. If you weren’t a big corporation, you were largely ignored by the banks. This meant more time spent paying bills, collecting invoices and running to the bank than chasing passion. Eventually, his passion became helping businesses avoid some of the challenges his previous business had originally faced.

Functionality and main features

Plooto is a payment management platform that allows you to send and receive payments seamlessly. In your dashboard, you can sync your payment transactions with your QuickBooks Online and Desktop instantly. Once payments have been processed, Plooto automatically reconciles all transactions in real time. The platform also allows you to complete foreign exchange transactions, manage team approvals, upload invoices automatically and more.

Customer feedback 

Plooto takes pride in taking feedback and building for users. They understand how difficult payments can be so they’ve created a space where users can feel safe in having a simple and easy experience. 

They take customer feedback seriously and create tickets for every customer suggestion they receive. Each quarter, they review all feedback to determine common elements and build those requests in their roadmap.

Working with QuickBooks

“Intuit® has created opportunities to support core apps like Plooto to enhance their overall user experience," the team says. "The co-marketing that we do, the community they’ve built and the client appreciation culture of Intuit has empowered the entire ecosystem. The app ecosystem can be very overwhelming for users; however, Intuit has done a great job of building a future that simplifies the understanding of which apps would best fit each user. We are excited to continue providing knowledge in the Intuit ecosystem for users affected by payments." 

Who we cater to 

Plooto was built for businesses that have a need to make payments and plan to grow their company. Their aim is to be the one-stop shop for anything payments related, and they continue to innovate for cloud users.

Way forward

Users who are not familiar with cloud technology need to understand two important facts. The first being there are many hidden costs associated with checks. These hidden fees include labor, material, supplies, postage and bank fees. With cloud technology, your clients are only paying per transaction and have eliminated the majority of fees they were paying with checks. Furthermore, automating  payments frees up their  time so they can focus on scaling their business.

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