Now Available! QuickBooks Online Accountant and ProConnect Tax Online Integration

Now Available! QuickBooks Online Accountant and ProConnect Tax Online Integration

Unveiled at QuickBooks Connect in October as a future capability, we are pleased to announce that the full integration between Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online (PTO) and QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is now available, transforming QBOA into one place where bookkeeping and taxes will work together seamlessly. You can now choose to support all your accounting and tax clients efficiently in one place, without using separate logins and experiences.

About PTO and QBOA Integrated Workflows

The PTO integration connects your tax clients’ data into QBOA, and allows you to access all your clients’ information from a single dashboard into QBOA – one login, one view – for all of your clients, including tax clients. QBOA’s Client Dashboard will display not only the returns, but also the status associated with those returns, including e-file status. So, if a client has a rejected e-file, accountants will immediately see the alerts and can correct them right away. 

With the one-click access to PTO from QBOA, using both products is easier than ever. In addition, PTO will still open in a separate browser tab for easy window-to-window analysis.

The new integration is building on QBOA Trial Balance, an accountants-only feature that accelerates the year-end process for accountants and auto-maps the ending balances to destinations in PTO.

About ProConnect Tax Online

PTO, introduced in 2009, offers robust online tax preparation with more than 5,600 forms to prepare 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S and 990 tax returns. More than 20,000 calculations are built in to help handle the most complex tax situations. PTO was used by more than 10,000 firms in tax year 2015, and has continuously been evolving over the last eight years.

PTO offers powerful tools that help professional tax preparers from the start of the engagement all the way to e-filing the return. Some of the tools and functionality include:

Data Collection – An advanced organizer provides the capability for you to ask tailored questions based on your client’s prior year information, via a secure portal that is set up for each individual client. You can also customize the questions that will be asked. The data collected is then accessible directly within PTO, and tied to the tax return you are working on. This is included with PTO at no additional cost.

Data Import – W2 import is available now for everyone, and only requires a few clicks to import from 80 percent of payroll providers.

Data Input – For the data you are not able to import, input data sheets categorize data in a logical format that makes data entry faster and more efficient. Powerful navigation tools, such as return search, summary view and jump to input, help reduce the learning curve of navigating the input sheets. Search provides the ability to search for any data in the input, including description, box number, form name and the data in the return. Summary view provides the ability to only show fields that have current or prior year data, allowing you to only see fields related to the return. Jump to input provides the ability to navigate from the tax form to the input sheets.

Track Work – As you are collecting data and starting to prepare returns, customizable views are available that provide status for all your firms’ tax returns. This gives you instant visibility to the status of your clients’ tax returns. Available views include e-file progress, return type and custom status. You can also view multiple tax years all in one place.

Complete Work – When the tax return is ready to e-file, you can send a request for electronic signature for From 8879 with just a few clicks. The system is configurable, allowing you to set up reminders for your client until it is signed. The signed document is then stored with the return and available for you to download. The completed return can then be shared with your client via the secure portal that is set up for them.