Discover your legacy pathway: New webinar with Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe

Discover your legacy pathway: New webinar with Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe

Have you thought about the future of your practice?

Here’s an opportunity to do just that – and much more. You are invited to be a VIP guest at “Your Legacy Pathway,” a free webinar hosted by Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe, two global accounting growth experts.

Your Legacy Pathway will  be held live, several times each day on Sept. 5 or Oct. 9, and because it’s an online event, you don’t even need to leave your desk.

Simply click on the date and time in the registration link and choose the date and time that works best for you.

About the presenters:

Paul Dunn is the first person, ever, to receive AccountingWEB’s “Outstanding Contribution to Accountancy” award. In this session he will  help you:

  • Recognize the fundamental shift in thinking happening (almost) secretly across the world.
  • Discover how to use that shift to benefit from the brand new “blue zone” model for business success.
  • Understand how to use it to map out a new “legacy pathway” to a more enjoyable and rewarding life as an accountant and a better world for us all.
  • Realize how remarkably easy it is to do all of this.

Steve Pipe is a former UK Entrepreneur of the Year; he will building on Paul’s session to help you:

  • Deliver a completely new type of “Impact Advisory” service.
  • Back it up with a revolutionary new kind of “Impact Dashboard” – which you can create for clients in less than 10 minutes.
  • Use it to fill you and your team with energy and passion – and boost productivity by 143 percent.
  • Learn how to harness it as the simplest way to attract and retain great clients – without spending a single penny.

You can get full details and reserve your VIP guest place here. Register Today!