FAQs: New Program Changes in QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification

FAQs: New Program Changes in QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification

Q: What is the new QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification path for Accountants?

A: The recommended path is to complete QuickBooks Online Certification first. We also recommend that you wait at least 90 days before you take on the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification training and exam. You have to pass the QuickBooks Online Advanced certification exam to achieve the Advanced certification.

Q: Will you continue to offer Advanced Certification prep training to prepare for the exam

A: Yes, we will continue to offer Certification preparation training. Within QuickBooks Online Accountant, you will find the self-paced training available for you to prepare for the exam.  We will also offer cert prep training in webinar, virtual conference and live-classroom event format. You can sign up for webinars and in-person training directly from the Training section under the ProAdvisor tab.  As we go forward, we will also make registration for VCon events available through the training tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA).

Q: I am an expert in QuickBooks Online. Do I still need to take the training before taking the exam?

A: All training provided is optional. You can go directly to the certification exam if you choose.

Q: How many attempts do I get on the Certification exam?

A: You will get 3 attempts to pass the whole exam.  If you do not pass during the first 3 attempts, you will be locked out for 60 days after which you can attempt to take the certification exam again.

Q: Once I get certified how do I maintain my certification?

A: Currently, QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisors must take 3 ACE credits  each year to maintain certification status.  Going forward, QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisors will instead complete a shorter recertification exam each year focused on what has changed in QuickBooks Online since the prior exam.

Q: Why is Intuit moving to a recertification process for QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification?

A: We got feedback from our Advanced certified ProAdvisors that taking ACE credits and keeping track of them was tedious and tiresome. We also heard that certified ProAdvisors wanted to stay current with the product so that they can better serve their clients. So building on the success of the QuickBooks Online recertification process that we unveiled earlier this year, we decided to move to this recertification model for QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification as well.

Q: Is there training available to prepare for the recertification exam?

A: Absolutely! Certified ProAdvisors can take the “What’s New in QuickBooks Online” training to prepare for this Advanced recertification exam.

Q: Do I need to pass the QuickBooks Online recertification exam before I attempt the Advanced recertification exam?

A: No, you recertify at the highest level of certification. So if you are QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified, you only have to pass the Advanced recertification exam.  We will cover the core QuickBooks Online certification content and testing in this Advanced recert exam, so it’s only one single exam to take and pass.