Firm of the Future Spotlight on Larger Firms: Rehmann

Firm of the Future Spotlight on Larger Firms: Rehmann

Welcome to the next in a series about firms that are benefitting from the cloud to better serve clients and find new revenue opportunities. In this new article, we spotlight Sharon Berman, CPA and Principal at Rehmann, a financial services and advisory firm based in Troy, Mich.

Mindy King: Tell us more about your firm. Where are you based, how many employees do you have, do you have any areas of focus and do you use only online technologies?

Sharon Berman: Rehmann is a fully integrated financial services and advisory firm headquartered in Troy, Mich. We are CPAs, consultants and advisors dedicated to providing clients with proactive ideas and solutions. We have nearly 900 associates in Michigan, Ohio and Florida, and as an independent member of Nexia International, we collaborate with member firms around the globe and assist clients wherever they do business.

Some recent and exciting news from Rehmann is that we have expanded our technology capabilities and launched a managed IT solutions practice, in combination with Trivalent Group®.

MK: Rehmann has made a strategic decision to embrace and support the accounting industry’s rapidly changing environment. Can you tell us more about it?

SB: There’s no doubt that significant demographic, social and business-related changes are on the horizon for the accounting industry, along with the need to embrace technology. We’re not just using technology to make current services more efficient, but also to create new and different offerings for our industry.

As a result, we have aligned our associates in a way that positions us for continued success in this competitive market. Now, we have four primary areas of focus: traditional financial and compliance services, wealth management and retirement planning, business solutions and outsourcing, including full-service IT, HR and accounting, and specialized consulting, including investigative, litigation and valuation services.

We put our people and clients first, and these changes are supporting the strategy we have developed.

MK: How does the new strategy work? How is it different from before?

SB: Specific to business solutions and outsourcing, the new strategy breaks out the “back office/support” services that were traditionally included as part of our traditional compliance area, helping drive growth. We see this practice being a significant growth area that is important to measure and track. 

MK: Why did you choose QuickBooks® Online as a key component of your new strategy?

SB: QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the go-to solution for many of our business, family office and individual clients. QBO is a recognized leader in the market and continues to be developed and enhanced to meet the needs of the accounting community. Pricing, product features and marketplace integrations are three important reasons why QBO is a part of our technology stack. 

MK: What is the timing for integrating your new strategy?

SB: Though this is an ongoing process, effective Jan. 1, 2019, Rehmann implemented the necessary steps to carry out the new strategy. Delivering the Rehmann Experience and providing holistic, comprehensive solutions has always been, and will continue to be, a part of the everyday Rehmann culture.  

MK: Why should others follow the same strategy? What advantages or benefits are you anticipating that you and your clients will receive from it?

SB: This strategy will drive a focus for our business solutions and outsourcing practice, as well as challenge associates to relearn and rethink processes and procedures to innovate and become more efficient and consultative. We believe this will position our company strategically to help our clients reach their goals from a more holistic perspective.

We’re excited to begin this new endeavor and look forward to sharing our updates!

MK: Thanks for chatting with us, Sharon!