Firm of the Future Spotlight on Medium-Sized Firms: BudgetEase

Firm of the Future Spotlight on Medium-Sized Firms: BudgetEase

Welcome to the next in a series about medium- and large-sized firms who are benefitting from the cloud to better serve clients and find new revenue opportunities. In this new article, we spotlight Kathy Dise of BudgetEase, a firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mindy King: Welcome Kathy! Tell us a little bit about you and BudgetEase.

Kathy Dise: Our mission at BudgetEase is “Making YOU Profitable,” meaning everything we do results in making our clients profitable. I previously spent 20 years in banking on the lending and investing sides, so I look at financial information differently than an accountant, and I know how to help solve the issues so many small businesses face. Financial information tells me a story about a small business owner’s priorities, values and business intelligence.

BudgetEase’s team has a reputation for being QuickBooks® experts. Our services are in high demand, and with over 100 clients, every day is a new adventure. Clients vary from providers of wind energy to airplane leasing for rock stars.

MK: What prompted your firm to switch to QuickBooks Online? What has surprised you the most about the capabilities of QuickBooks Online?

KD: One of our first clients was already online. They manufactured and distributed health bars, which was not an easy online business back then. When we started, we learned how to finesse QuickBooks Online quickly and have been recommending it to clients ever since. The interface has changed and improved over the years, but it’s always been a great product.

MK: For your firm, what have been the biggest benefits and/or timesavers that you’ve seen after having switched to QuickBooks Online?

KD: In the QuickBooks Desktop product, there is a feature called Accountant’s Copy, which essentially is the ability for an accountant to download transactions with a client’s QuickBooks Desktop account, review it, make changes and then upload that copy back into the client’s QuickBooks Desktop. Once after a clean-up using an accountant’s copy, the changes we made wouldn’t load to the client’s desktop. Though I rarely have a problem, it is always anxiety producing for me to use an accountant’s copy until everything is back on the desktop. I never have that with QuickBooks Online. There is no downloading and uploading of files. I also like the bank feeds and the easy use of on QuickBooks Online compared to desktop.

MK: For your clients, what have been the biggest benefits and/or timesavers? What do they like most about being in the cloud in comparison to their previous desktop experience?

KD: I am always surprised how interested our clients are in moving to the cloud. We don’t require it. Most are interested because they have easy access to their information when they are on the go – something business owners frequently are. Owners don’t want to be anchored to a desktop PC, and online is easier than remote access.

MK: How easy was it to make the switch to QuickBooks Online?

KD: We have always been a fan, and moving companies online keeps getting easier. Previously, it took longer, but now it’s a cinch.

MK: How did your firm get agreement from your desktop clients to move to the cloud? If those clients voiced any concerns, how did you address them?

KD: Some clients do worry about security. We emphasize that Intuit® provides 24/7 data and privacy security, and that we are in this process together every step of the way. In the unlikely event that something happens, we will work with our clients to help rectify the situation.

MK: What apps does your firm use to extend the power of QuickBooks Online?

KD: Among our favorites are, Ebillity, Hubdoc, InvoiceSherpa, LivePlan and Method:CRM, but there are so many great ones to name!

MK: What piece of advice would you offer to other accountants or firms hesitant to move to the cloud?

KD: We have found that the benefits of QuickBooks Online exceed any perceived disadvantages or worries about the transition. Really, the cloud is a win-win for most customers and I’d encourage all to try it.

MK: Thanks Kathy!