From Desktop to Online: How QuickBooks Mentorship Helps You Implement Practical Strategies

From Desktop to Online: How QuickBooks Mentorship Helps You Implement Practical Strategies

The most successful businesses constantly adapt not just to survive, but also to thrive. The accounting industry is no exception. As more clients work on the go, services tailored to meet those needs are why more bookkeepers and accountants are adopting QuickBooks® Online (QBO).

For many long-time QuickBooks users, changing from the desktop interface may seem intimidating, even if it’s for the better. Sometimes, a little handholding is all we need to help us take the plunge. This is where Intuit’s® six-week QuickBooks Online Mentorship Program comes in (call 855-348-9673 for more info).

Mentees will have a chance to be partnered with various ProAdvisors® who have thriving practices of their own. They are well-decorated and respected thought leaders like Jennie Moore, founder of Moore Details Bookkeeping. She’s passionate about taking businesses like yours to the next level. For those seeking guidance on taking their practice to the next level, Moore gave us the scoop on what mentees can expect.

The Comprehensive Six-Week Program

Before the program begins, mentees are required to commit to a weekly virtual meeting. Moore has them fill out their goals and objectives, laying out three things they want to get out of the program, and then the program is modified and adapted to each person. The program’s first step is to flush out the mentee’s goals, says Moore. “They’re not going to be able to capture everything and implement it right away,” she says. “Together, we hold them accountable to these three goals in our weekly chats moving forward.”

The topics covered in the six weeks include the following:

  1. Workflows and ideal clients
  2. Best practices and QBO tips
  3. Apps
  4. Mind mapping and implementation planning
  5. Value pricing
  6. Social media

Laying the Groundwork

The first meeting sets the stage. “An open dialogue discussion at the first meeting is key to getting the most out of it,” says Moore. “If participants are uncomfortable talking about something because they don’t understand it, they need to feel comfortable articulating the problem so we can solve it as a team.”

After the introduction, mentors dive into defining workflows and the ideal client. This topic sets the groundwork for the rest of the program.

“We’ll talk about how they’re doing things right now, which is very important to understand because a lot of individuals don’t always see the problem,” says Moore. “You get into a way of thinking that ‘this is the way it’s done because it’s working,’ but at the end of the day, it may not be working at all.”

“New workflows are discussed,” Moore stresses, “to encourage mentees to think differently, not to tell them how to run their practice.” Moore says she regularly shares her own real-life experiences of trying out various workflows, apps and best practices. “We then hone in on how they can adopt and adapt what I’ve learned into their own practice. I’ve tried many, many things – some have worked and some have utterly failed. I love sharing what I’ve done and saving them the time of making the same mistakes.”

At the end of each session, mentees are provided with a copy of the deck so that during their session, they can focus on participating, and then work on implementation afterwards.

“Our job is to provoke thought and help participants think of things differently,” says Moore. “The only way to do that is to talk to them and help them with any questions and concerns. Engagement is a big thing, and I encourage them to interrupt me and ask questions.”

Moving Forward Via Collaborative Learning

For those on the quest for more knowledge, Moore recommends they continue their learning via the accounting community, which is covered in the program.

“Many mentees want to extend the program, but I encourage them to find me on social media and find collaborative learning, social media opportunities,” says Moore. “I’ve been able to learn by collaborating and working in a community learning environment. That’s what I’m opening the door for them to see.”

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Mentorship Program is just the fuel your business needs to take it to the next level. Find out more details by checking out the below video, featuring Jennie Moore, or by signing up here. You can also call 855-348-9673 today to learn more about the mentorship program.

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