Go for the Collaboration: Jennie Moore on Why You Should Attend Get Connected Vancouver 2018

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennie Moore, founder of Moore Details Bookkeeping, to get her thoughts on Get Connected Vancouver 2018, Jan. 22-23, 2018, and why she thinks accounting and bookkeeping professionals should attend. As an industry and QuickBooks® Online expert, as well as one of our fabulous ProAdvisors®, Jennie is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and connecting with attendees. In fact, she’s a huge proponent of collaboration in the industry and sees this relationship building as the key to success.

Before I share our conversation, I encourage you to register right now. Expect two full days of breakouts, exhibits and speakers (including Jennie herself) focusing on growing your QuickBooks Online expertise.

Get Connected Vancouver 2018: Grow Through Collaboration

For Jennie, attending conferences – regardless of the size – is essential: “I think it’s really important to at least attend something that provides you with a more global scope of what there is out there to build your practice, regardless of what level you’re at.”

She attended QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2017 and QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017, and says that both of these are larger conferences with amazing speakers, breakout sessions and apps on the tradeshow floor. However, smaller events such as Get Connected Vancouver 2018 have just as much to offer.

“The way Vancouver is going to work is really helping ProAdvisors to adopt the cloud and know what resources are there with Intuit®. I think that’s what I’m really looking forward to – helping individuals on the West Coast, to let them know I’m here and this is my journey, this is how I’ve been able to do things, and these are some of the apps I’ve been able to do them with,” Jennie says. “There will be app partners there and we can easily assist attendees in showing them basic apps to get them started, away from paper and typical workflows.”

As one of Get Connected Vancouver 2018’s speakers, Jennie will be discussing "How To Get Tricky Data Into QBO." “I’m very pleased to not only be attending but to be speaking at Vancouver about how to get tricky data into QuickBooks Online. This is for some of our more advanced partners who are out there having difficulties because their clients may be using something that doesn’t talk to QuickBooks. I’m going to show them how to get that data in there and save some time,” she says.

Jennie also suggests signing up for a particular class: Apps Master Class. “It sounds overwhelming or it sounds like you need to be a genius. I’m not a genius and I did it – I liked it. Yes, I’m familiar with the apps presented in the class, but yet, I still came away with newfound information to implement into my practice,” she says. “Regardless of what level you’re at, this is a class individuals should be checking out if they’re wanting to advance just beyond going to QBO and moving from desktop to QBO. That’s really how you can start building some real life solutions for your clients.”

Does this sound like the class for you? Register for Get Connected Vancouver 2018 to secure your spot before it fills up!

Jennie shares more insights into why attending conferences is so important. “You want to make sure that any time that you’re investing that you get an ROI, right? So, having a conference plan is important, knowing what app partners you’re going to talk to, and which breakout sessions you’re going to go to, but I would say the key to going to a conference is meeting people in the flesh.

“My main thing is ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions – especially to the speakers that are there. That is the reason why we’re there. We don’t like being lonely! We’re certainly not shy and we have knowledge to share. We can’t just blurt it out – we need to know what it is that you’re interested in. Not being shy and asking questions is important with the speakers.”

Talking to someone in person, whether it’s a speaker or another attendee, opens the door to more communication. As you learn about his or her experiences, both good and bad, you can use that knowledge to solve, as Jennie calls them, pain points for clients.

“If you’re rocking QBO but having some difficulties, hook up with another bookkeeper or accountant with the same pain points and then you become accountability partners, to be able to both strategize your businesses and make them go,” she says.

This collaboration between industry peers is something Jennie has been seeing for the last five years and she loves it. She tells me that she recently had an interviewer ask her how she views her competitors. “I said, I’m going to correct you – how do I help my collaborators? I think that’s really what it is.

“There’s more than enough sand in the sandbox. And collaborating and sharing your knowledge with someone else is really important in this day and age in this industry because of disruptive change – good disruptive change. By leveraging your network, you have a wealth of knowledge so you don’t need to be in it alone. Reach out, say hi to people, share your insecurities. Networking is super critical, especially to get a return on the time and the money you’re investing into this conference.”

The ROI of attending Get Connected Vancouver 2018

As Jennie says, investing your time and money into Get Connected Vancouver 2018 provides numerous returns. From breakouts that will teach even the teachers among you (like Jennie) to networking for collaborative relationships, you’ll go back to work with insights you can implement and benefit from immediately.

Register right now and anticipate watching your business thrive!