It’s Google for the win! Enter Google Tasks

It’s Google for the win! Enter Google Tasks

It’s fair to say that I am not too fond of email. Several years ago, I wrote about how to clean up your email – the hundreds of conversations, updates, CYAs, and just-so-very-much junk. And yet, email is still so vital in today’s business environment where we either have more email or need to remember to handle a task. That’s where Google Tasks comes in.

Thankfully, someone at Google realized that tasks were everywhere – in Gmail, Google Calendar, and even Google Assistant. Google Tasks soon got a quiet overhaul that established it as the central hub that can hold all of the tasks from GSuite and Google services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, and Assistant.

The difference between this and other task programs? Instead of Google Tasks being a single program, it is connective tissue to help us truly manage the tasks, right in the programs we are using that generate the tasks, and available all the time.

Simplicity and minimalism

I like things to be as simple as possible, and I love getting the work done with as little organization as possible. Most of the time, I want a bulleted list of things I need to do. Google Tasks is this minimalists dream come true.

You can access Google Tasks from the sidebar of most every GSuite program – instant and immediate addition or completion of tasks directly from inside the program you are likely using. It’s right there in the sidebar.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks

ProTip: Drag and drop tasks with due dates directly on Google Calendar to advance the date. You don’t even have to open Google Tasks. Just drag, drop, and think about it later.

Other cool things to know

  1. Tasks can be reordered in any order you wish regardless of the due date or priority.
  2. You initially get one list called “My Tasks,” but can easily add any other list you want or need – for example, a grocery, Amazon or birthday list.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts galore.
  4. Reminders, but only if you want them.
  5. If you add a task directly from Gmail, the source email comes along with it.
  6. Since Google redesigned Google Tasks, we lost the standalone “canvas” of tasks, but has done a great job of creating a standalone app for Google Tasks.

Google Tasks has some great new features on the horizon, too! According to the GSuite Blog, there will be even more connectivity between apps and (wait for it) support for recurring tasks.

Happy tasking!