No one holds themselves accountable like accountants

No one holds themselves accountable like accountants

Time and time again, we’ve seen that no one holds themselves accountable like accountants.

We asked accounting professionals what being “accountable” means to them, and here are their responses. We hope you’ll be inspired by these answers – just as we have been inspired by these individuals, who, like you, work so hard to create a better tomorrow for their clients.

The accounting community inspires us to create even better solutions: to find new ways to help accounting professionals grow their practice, work more efficiently, and scale their impact. While accountants hold themselves accountable to the rest of the world, we hold ourselves accountable to them. Learn more here.

Nicole Davis, Butler-Davis Accounting

“Being accountable means owning your actions and holding yourself to a standard set by you or others. Accountability is what distinguishes the mediocre from the great. This is because when you are accountable, you create a feedback loop to evaluate, improve, and get better.”

Paul Glantz, Launch Consulting

“Accountability is something we, at Launch Consulting, take very seriously. To us, accountability means that we share a common goal with our clients, we respect their time and vision, and we follow through on our promises. Being a highly accountable firm means that our clients can count on us when they need us most, and trust that we will deliver with excellence. Being accountable is something our team takes a great deal of pride in.”

Connie Hammell, KWC

“To me, being accountable means showing up for my clients and my staff: Answering questions they don’t know they have and solving problems before they become problems, so that they can focus on growing their business. It means looking at their financial data as more than debits and credits. It means understanding their universe and helping them make the most of it. I get true joy out of helping my clients build something amazing.”

Meaghan Likes, Likes Accounting

“In my opinion, accountability is the key to success. So many entrepreneurs have dreams when they set out to start a business, and turning those dreams into reality can be one of the hardest and most frustrating parts about business. But, this is where – as an accountant – I can really help my clients achieve greatness.  Working together to get their dreams out of their head, and develop an actionable plan to realize them, is one of my favorite parts about my job. Setting mini-goals for someone to work toward to achieve their dream, then holding them accountable and celebrating with them when they reach those mini-goals, is truly the key to growing a successful business. One mini-goal at a time.

“Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but they struggle to realize them on their own. Having someone outside of your organization who believes in you and is invested in helping you achieve success can often make all of the difference in the world. Spouses, partners, family, and friends are good at the cheerleading and the emotional support parts of business, but a good accountant/financial coach who takes the time to hold their clients accountable in realizing their dreams can be an invaluable business partner.”

Beth Melcher, MoneyFit

“Being accountable to my clients means putting our clients’ goals above all else. MoneyFit’s #1 role is to fuel our clients’ own, unique success. They rely on us to work with integrity, put people first, and give our absolute best everyday.”

Ufuoma Ogaga, Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting

“Accountable to me means: Owning my mistakes, learning from them, and righting the wrongs. Say what I mean and do what I say I will do.”

Josh Standley, DKK Accounting

“Being accountable to us means having integrity, taking responsibility to ensure everything is done correctly, and having difficult conversations that help create better numbers, a stronger business, and happier clients.”