QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Celebrates 20 Years and 200,000 Members

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Celebrates 20 Years and 200,000 Members

Intuit® introduced the then-titled “QuickBooks® Professional Advisors Program” in December 1996, formally launching in January 1997. Those who have been on this journey with us for the past 20 years may recall the program was introduced in conjunction with QuickBooks 5.0 and QuickBooks Pro 5.0, our QuickBooks Desktop offerings at the time.

Two decades ago, Scott Cook declared that the program’s goal was to help accounting professionals take an even more proactive role in helping their clients achieve maximum financial success while using QuickBooks. Although our product offerings have changed significantly since then, our commitment to fueling your success rings as true today as ever.

The ProAdvisor® Program continued to grow quickly in the United States and around the world by providing accounting pros with the tools they need to be successful. Over the years, this has included accountant-specific editions of QuickBooks accounting and payroll software, tech support, do-it-yourself marketing tools, helpful training resources and certification courses, and the Find-a-ProAdvisor marketplace, which we recently redesigned to drive more, better-matched leads to our Certified ProAdvisors.

Fast forward to 2017 and we’re celebrating a monumental milestone, reaching 200,000 ProAdvisors worldwide on the program’s 20th anniversary. Now, more than ever, we are invested in providing the tools and benefits that empower accounting pros to grow their practices and be trusted advisors to their clients.

We are grateful for all of our ProAdvisors, from those who have been with us since 1997, to those who are just starting out. Witnessing how the ProAdvisor Program has helped to build and strengthen the practices of thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and QuickBooks experts is incredibly rewarding, and we look forward to sharing your success stories throughout the year to inspire others who are on this journey with us.

Before we take a walk down memory lane through a series of key program milestones, here’s a message from one of the biggest ProAdvisor supporters I know, Intuit’s Chairman and CEO, Brad Smith.



20 Years of the ProAdvisor Program

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ProAdvisors, thank you for your partnership and dedication to helping small businesses succeed. We can’t wait to see where the next 20 years takes us.

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